Digitone feature requests!


Ah thanks so much always wanted this functionality on the DT didn’t realize the DN had it.


Has scale per track been mentioned? I’d love to set different play speeds for each track. Not bpm but just the scale. At the moment its only possible to change the scale of the whole pattern. Also plocking ARP on/off would be great!


How about sending pitch bend, mod wheel, and aftertouch info to the Midi OUT port for “live” playing a synth connected thru the digitone. I guess i can understand how recording this info into the sequencer may be tricky with software and/or hardware limitations… or something (octatrack cant;) but it is rather asinine that it is actually filtering this stuff out when a controller is connected and actively sending commands.
I just discovered this. Sheessh. Why Elektron? Folks, please, tell me i am foolishly missing something obvious.


Apply screen saver even if an extern LFO is coming in the digitone. Exit screen saver only when a button/trig or a encoder is used.


It is the digitone feature requests topic not the digitakt :wink:

Please, midi cc and p-locking ability for the arpeggiator :pray:


Ha! :joy: My bad! Thanks for pointing that out. Deleting and reposting.


Yeah I’d love a mode similar to the Monomachine’s SID mode, where it only triggers the ARP if more than one note is held down/plocked.


More patch memory slots.


Hi there, maybe already mentioned but real time transpose with onboard keyboard or external MIDI messages, sort of what A4 can do. The current transpose implementation seems kind of clumsy imo.
Great little box anyway.


More scales.
Scale filtering mode, where the keyboard is left untouched but only notes in the scale are lighten up.


I thought you can do this already in the Add Notes section?


Direct jump and other pattern change features
Performance macros
extended LFO editing.

I Love my Digitone though, I was waiting for this machine for 10years now. Good job Elektron!


My only request would be a mode where you can share a kit (the set of 4 sounds) among various patterns so any changes you make are not reset.

An implementation idea would be a kit per chain mode. When the mode is active all the patterns of a chain will share the kit of the first pattern and when you load an individual pattern the kit of the pattern is loaded.


Ability to rename values of the assignable CC commands on the FLTR page to prevent the need to remember or take note elsewhere of which parameters the encoders are assigned to. I believe this request applies to other gear too, such as the Octatrack.


ARP for MIDI tracks!!!


Instead of creating a new thread, going to revive one of many old threads about the same topic…
For all the elektron boxes, wanting to merge midi in data with a boxes midi out seems like a feature with relatively high demand, for at least the most obvious purpose of using a midikeyboard while chaining several boxes together.
Boxes with midi channels can forward note data, but it is not sufficient… and anyways the whole chain breaks if the A4 is not at the end.
To me it seems like this should be pretty trivial os updates…

Some functionality choices would have to be made… personally i would be fine with an option to have the boxes only respond to the autochannel for program changes clock and the active track, and have all other channels merged to the out.

Digitone MIDI merge

I’m not sure why you chose to put this in an old Digitone thread, specifically, as you don’t single out the Digitone itself. This is more of a ‘feature request’, and it seems like it could be tagged onto any of the feature request threads for any unit that has MIDI tracks. Because you put it in a Digitone thread, I am going to assume you would like to see this feature on the Digitone, so I’ve moved it to the feature request thread for that unit.


Well, I do also mean for the digitone! But I think it would be useful for all boxes, a general update of the midi-config utility… (I think would be especially useful for the A4, which does not have any midi channels).


This ties into my post below (above relative to where this post showed up). If you use one of the midi channels on the DN (or other boxes for that matter) to forward midi data, to my knowledge it does not forward the mod wheel, aftertouch etc…


Would just like to update my request for a “Slot Mode”, the new Key mapping feature is too convoluted and limited to make it worth it to make drum kits. It would be great if there was a mode where you could just play every sound in your pool over the keys like the Octatrack.

Heres a huge one. When playing the keyboard, the last note you pressed should be input into the sequencer when adding a step in step mode. This is a great feature on the OP-Z that makes it really east to input melodies.