Digitone feature requests!


What I request on every Elektron feature request thread. Pattern randomisation at the press of a button, like the 3rd party apps can do


Arpeggiator: SID mode + RANDOM mode
Individual track signature (not just lenght)


No and no :disappointed_relieved:


Oh well, looks like I need to dump arpy stuff from my OT to the DN via synced realtime recoding then… But wait, nooooo! This means I can only have 16 MIDI notes per bar, bunmer.

The arp needs to be fleshed out more on the DN… How else are you supposed to be making intricate FM IDM with this, hmm?


My only request is that Elektron give those Swedish button elves enough coffee. :cool: Though, if they forgot the Skittles I won’t mind too much.


Same day delivery.


I’d like: physical modelling, acoustic resonators, metals woods drumheads, import samples for layering.


… as what? dn presets or synthesis engine…


I’m pretty sure there won’t be different engines for the Digitone, as that would make the workflow less efficient.

Not to mention, with FM you can get into pretty good physical modeling territories.




as ryan says, with a bit of experimentation and understanding you can do pipes, winds, strings etc. with fm.
physmod synthesis can be overkill. 1000 parameters to control… i like using simple devices like the a4 and see how far I can come with it. dn is definitely a machine that is full with options. if you know how things works in the “real world” (physics) and you understand fm than you can apply it …


Fm you can have a pretty good emulation of a real instrument and you can make that emulation just decay into a sonic abyss(I can’t wait for my DN)

I know you already know this- I just love it


I’d like a real instrument that does digital modeling…
Ya know, like an acoustic guitar you can make sound like a Digitone or Sidstation… :smile:


If you take a thin piece of cloth and drape it over the string towards the bridge(or whatever that bar is towards the bottom the strings sound like old midi notes- this is what I had to do back when I was a poor folk artist(I was always an electronic musician apparently, just couldn’t afford it

Edit: melodica is good too

Edit edit: playing the guitar/bass/drums is JUST LIKE playing a sampler with samples of guitar/bass/drums


Do those sound different than the new ones? :thinking:

Nice trick!
If you put safety pins or paper clips down there each around maybe two strings but loose, it’ll sound like a sitar…

-And I agree, playing the guitar/bass/drums is EXACTLY THE SAME THING as playing a sampler with samples of guitar/bass/drums. :upside_down_face::rofl:


It’s a bit of a work around and takes a bit of effort and practice- but once you land it- no one will be able to tell the difference :smiley:


:thinking: :wink:

I love juggling both :smiley:




Plock the arp

(I’m gonna post this in here regularly even though it’s futile)


bong mode…