Digitone feature requests!


Parameter slides are a feature of, for example, the A4 sequencer. It let you slide a parameter from one value to another without hearable steps. Portamento does this sliding only for the tune parameter.


I see, I’m contemplating buying the Digitone and was hoping it has this feature to have smooth slides between parameter locked steps. Sad to find out it’s not there.

  • A free ratio option/switch for coarse and fine tune. Or at least have the option for the LFO to modulate smoothly between values in some kind of “free” mode. I understand it’s a design choice to simplify FM and make it easier to get tuneful sounds with the unit. But atonality is also inspiring to explore with FM.

  • Arpeggiator for MIDI tracks, because really why not?

  • P-lockable / automatable arpeggiator (rates etc), would be so sick

  • SWING for the arpeggiator

  • Independent swing-per-track

  • Slides

  • More LFOs, envelopes and more than 2 destinations? “macros” modulations can be so expressive.


I’m just guessing, obviously but it seems like “free ratio tuning” would be the most likely. It’s often requested, and also quite do-able. BUT if the CPU on the digitone is saving a lot of power by only computing in the fixed ratios it may be very taxing to ask it to do a lot more complex math with the weird ratios.


Ah that’d be awesome! Thanks. I’m new here and thought it was probably the least likely feature because it’s a bit in depth compared to other more basics functions missing like midi arp and automatable arp…

Is there some kind of best of the most requested features somewhere?


I’ve read through a lot of these feature requests for the DN and DT, and I really think it’s a testament to the Elektron team that people expect these boxes to be so INCREDIBLY PACKED TO THE GILLS with features. They are amazing already, and just keep getting better with age. I love the compressor and effects on the DT so fucking much, it’s ridiculously fun to slam a beat together and jam until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Elektron is king…


Separate clock and transport option. Like on A4/AR/OT. Please!!!


transpose a single track by an octave by pressing shift and up.



I’d like to use the digitone multimap without having to be looking at the menu, I’d like to be able to transpose the trig buttons by octaves while looking at that menu, I’d like to be able to live record sound locks when live recording the multimap.

This means you’d be able to play and record drums on the digitone, rather than having to edit them into place.

I know the answer is ‘just get the digitone keys’, but no. I saved for ages and sold a bunch of gear to get a digitone, and while it’s looking entirely worth it, the digitone keys is simply out of my price range. And I value the ability to put it in my backpack.


Track Merge. A basic example of this would be if you had a kick drum sequenced on track 1, and a snare sequenced on track 2, you could then merge the two tracks into one.


@HoldMyBeer sound locks?


@PTSowns It’s would involve sound locks. It would be a quick way to merge 2, 3, or all 4 tracks into one. It could be used as a way to free up space, or possibly as a way to get some happy accidents due to polyphonic/trig limitations when merging some complex tracks.


So one thing that I’ve found limiting is that you can only add feedback to certain operators in certain algorithms. On algorithm 1 for example you can only add feedback to modulator A and I keep getting a hankering for some feedback on B2.

It would be nice is there was a way to toggle which operators had feedback.


FUNC (rather than shift) + UP/DOWN I assume?

That would be great but even better I’d prefer stepping semitones (like how func+right/left moves the trigs one step instead of one page)


semitones are already possible


What if they have different sounds on the same step?


There could be some options here. You could choose a certain track to be the dominant track that would win out in a head to head battle, knocking the other sound out. Another option would be that two sounds were offset by one micro timing nudge. Similar to sequencing two different sounds on two subsequent steps, and nudging the second sound back into the first step. Another could be a random feature, where overlapping sounds were randomly chosen to survive.


Transposing semitones for the entire track? How did I miss this? Well I’ve only had my DN for about a month. Possible on DT too?


jeah out of my memory its the track button + up.
you can also press several track buttons and transpose at the same time
but to do an octave (which is often usefull) pressing 12 times is kinda too much… thats why i suggested funk + track + up/down


I’m sure this has been mentioned already, but the possibility to save pattern chains would be a game changer!