Digitone feature requests!


Track independent time scaling. M:S has it so, wtf elektron!?
Midi arp!

Maybe introduce machines?
Vocal, granular, formant etc?


Add a “hold” CC value to the desktop unit so one can hold individual tracks using the unit itself or an external keyboard+mapped control.

@MX that’d be interesting, though since we can set velocity to affect 4 destinations at once already I don’t see it happening. I feel like it’d cause some sort of loopback problem unless carefully added.

Edit: Hold feature for me basically solved with use of sustain pedal.


Doesnt it already have this?


It has velocity as a mod source.


Nope, I’d like they update in next os… to modulate velocity connected to up to 4 parameters with just one lfo…


MIDI track mutes - a quick per track mute function just for the MIDI sequencer outputs.

Maybe theres a workaround for this one but i havent thought a clever solution that doesnt involve some external accessories. Would come in handy for live performance for me!


Having just gotten a Digitone myself, I seriously can’t believe this isn’t already available!
Now… I’ve got an OT that does Midi arps (but not INT track arps!) and one that does INT track arps (but not midi arps!). :expressionless:
I thought I’d use my DN to take over from my OT to sequence my external synths (scales, chords), but nope. Not that this was a deciding factor, I bought it for the internal tracks, but it’s just such an arbritary limitation once again…
Ofcourse, the OT has the arranger, but if I record a sequence where I hold a note and play others over the top, that held note will stop playing,




I’d like to have an LFO-option that does provide the possibility to introduce a simple value offset (no modulation).

This would allow for:

-The possibility of finetuning in “weirder” operator ratios, without screwing up the great accessible UI in the SYN pages

  • The possibility to trigger-lock parameters relative to their value, so the amount between the parameter-lock and the current value is maintained, if that value changes

Let’s discuss :slight_smile:


You can already do this! :slight_smile:
Set the LFO shape to square, set mult to * 1 (no tempo lock), speed to 0.1 - then set the mode to either ONE or TRIG.


What a long and winding discussion. Where is the TLDR? :smiley: :rofl:


Fantastic, thank you!


Unless I’m mistaken, this is where the LFO Hold mode (if present on DN) would be best used, therefore no need to look at speed

If you can select a ramp shape (or Tri) LFO with the DN then try Hold with the ramp - and then vary the phase of the LFO so that you create an offset from zero (assuming phase is variable)

The LFO depth is then applied and spread across this smaller offset range - this at least works with other devices iirc and could allow finer control via depth and phase

Maybe DN doesn’t have hold mode, but the slow LFO with a phase/depth ramp should work out


No, hold will periodically sample (as in Sample and Hold) the LFO output, so it would in some cases sample the negative output from the square instead of the positive.

Half might be best theoretically, but I remember it being a bit fiddly too. I found this method to be the most straight forward.


fair enough, never knowingly come across an issue with hold (assuming the DN LFO is resettable on the trig) - the idea being you sample the start of a pre-defined and consistent shape - might have to look into my understanding of this then on the others


My recollections on this are broadly as I thought. There is a subtle/significant caveat with hold mode in this way though (for the A4 at least) It works exactly as I described and offers you more finger control when you sequence/lock the pattern (with LFO resets) … it is not possible to reset the A4 LFO when hold mode is selected and you are playing the keyboard, so @Ess’s suggestion is vastly more useful. However on the A4 you can have zero speed LFOs so the One/Trig modes offer the possibility to attain finer or more controllable offset via the phase/depth combo if using a Tri or Ramp as the one/trig modes will reset the LFO - i think i’ll work more with the Trig/One in future although usually i’d apply hold on a random shape where it makes no difference.
Interesting that the DN seemingly doesn’t ‘stop’ its LFOs nor presumably offer negative speed which lets you rise up an Exp or come at the ramp from the other side - perhaps a FR in there ?


Midi learn for the eight knobs as per Octatrack
would be the one request for me.
I used to like twiddling a knob on a synth and Octatrack have use of it for p-locking with ease.


It would be majestic if the shuffle setting in the tempo page also affected the Din24/Din48 output timings. It would e.g. enable a TB-303 to be shuffled and that would rule a whole lot :slight_smile:


little addition to the randomize function:
Yes + Trackbutton (1-4) should randomize every parameter page for that sound


Why do you guys mean by slide and has this been fixed with the new portamento feature?