Digitone feature requests!




Great news!


I haven’t checked the latest midi cc chart but…

Req : ability to assign user config midi cc dials just in case I have external controller and I want them to be easily accessible on a sound/project / track basis.
I guess they could work on auto channel / use 8 spare midi cc’s if there are any.

Overbridge req: ability to trigger the recording based on transport controls , maybe have pre roll / threshold recording. Ability to set time / bars for recording easy to use sections.

But I think 1.20 is a good update , especially with overbridge . The request above is the inevitable “that box has it , can’t we have it too’ request.


The new OS is great :heart_eyes:
Portomento sounds AWESOME and really enhances the DN. It can be P-locked. Really pleased with all the new recall features and it’s good to have a less sensitive operator B.

Gotta check what that remapping is all about…


Acid sounding sounds through portamento, check.
Random function, check.
I am excited.


It sounds like you could achieve this with Digitone 1.20 update, using the multi-map feature.


Really? Didn’t check yet.


When are we going to get PORTAMENTO???

I cannot believe Elektron’s incompetence. Absolutely ridiculous to not have portamento in this device!!!

Can anyone else believe NO PORTAMENTOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


… Portamento.


wake up!!


DIGITONE WITH OVERBRIDGE THANK YOU :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

-PLEASE ELEKTRON implement 8 MIDI TRACKS because digitone has become the studio centerpiece
-Time divisions per track
-ARPEGGIATOR through midi

  • random arp


It might be worth deleting this response ?


It’s just a troll, as I updated the OS as soon is it was downloadable.

If it’s so hard to tell must mean it’s working!


I honestly thought it might be embarrassing (for you) .
Otherwise it’s all good .


I’m good.


Easy bud!


Now that I’ve been using 1.20 for the day…

Final request… Even though I own an Octatrack, it’d be nice to save pattern chains on the DN… I don’t always feel like turning the OT on and using the arranger. Not really sure how much internal memory is left but… yea. Last thing I can really think of :slight_smile:


Formant filter a la FM7/8?


The option to turn off retrig when playing legato.
Portamento retriggers every envelope, lfo and the phase. I’ve never used a synth that does this unless you specifically set the option for it. With all the options in the portamento menu (which are great) , I can’t believe they forgot the most basic one :confused:


How about a Digitone mkII with pitch wheels, song mode, and double the voices?


Random mode on Arpeggiator is a must!
MIDI Arp as well.
Individual track time division would be nice.
Even nicer would be different playback directions for each track (back, forth, pendulum, random).

No synthesizer company can really nail it…all have different features that are great, but no one is implementing all of them in one machine. well… Eurorack :wink:


Velocity as modulation destination?