Digitone feature requests!


I’m not sure the architecture or UI would allow it but one or two more LFOs would be really nice.

People seem to repeatedly want slides/portamento features in this topic. That can be fixed with the use of one LFO and parameter locks (The LFOs on this machine are crazy flexible) but then you of course need more LFOs :slight_smile:


to me, the trouble is more that plocking an LFO to achieve portamento requires you to do arithmetic to get the transitions between notes right. it’s a ridiculous workaround that nobody should be required to use for such a rudimentary component of composing a track.

so yeah I’ll reiterate again that I hope to see portamento, and hopefully more general parameter slides, in this synth one day over the next 2 years :slight_smile:


PLEASE ADD RETRIG!! & more algorithms…The original manual said retrig was possible with the digitone which is one of the reasons i purchased it.


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Pls, make Track select and mute shortcuts the same as at Rytm - function + track = selection , hit track btn = mute.
Playing Digitone and Rytm side by side would be much easier this way.


How’s about that be the operation in mute mode? I feel like having mute potential all the time would lead to accidental mutes. :man_shrugging:t2:


@Autopoiesis I wrote my sentence a bit sloppy and unclear. Portamento/Slide would of course be better as a dedicated function, completey agree. I meant that because you are forced to do that workaround today you are in even more need of more LFOs.


I have a lot of accidental mutes when 2 machines have select/mute functions inverted. It can be an optional setting (an I know that it never will be implemented).


Sorry but that would be very confusing and not very intuitive. I have often wanted it the other way around that just pressing a drum pad on the Rytm would select it - like the drum racks in Ableton live. In mute mode it would make sense since we cannot select a different track only mute tracks.


i was just thinking the other day (doesn’t have to be Digitone only… would be awesome across the lineup):

say you put a bunch of parameter locks on a step but you only want the locks themselves to be triggered conditionally, so the trig still trigs everytime but the modifications you did to the step only occur when the condition applies.

i have no clue how that would be implemented, but… 'twould be sweet.

like just another option on the trig conditions: “p-lock”


Would be awesome if it had a keyboard.


if they dont release a firmware update at superbooth with at least a couple of these requests im selling the thing.


Put the parameter locks on the next step then fine tune it closer to previous step.(which has mote data)
Should work , maybe a very small gap between the triggers though


yeah, that’d work, too, but when I had the idea I already had the page full of triggers and there were none left to micro-time


ooooh yes! headphone only channel. I often use to jam with the DT and it kinda sucks to check the presets and lsiten to that crisps and blubs all the time… wish that they can make it somehow…


@ funkymogli what are Elektron like in regards to adding features? I feel the same way as although i really like the digitone it has some really frustrating workflow issues.


they used to be good but my feeling they shifted theis focus to release new machines as often as possible and overbridge is taking up all the remaining ressources.


ok, gotta stop rambling, they actually released the update in the meantime :smiley:


Looks like on the new digi keys there is a portamento button!!! does this mean it will come to the old digi???


Already has in the new OS update :slight_smile: 1.20 baby!