Digitone feature requests!


plz make monomachine arpedgiator style! mnm arp much better!!!


Use MnM midi track arp on DN.


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How about to made a browser like the DT, by adding new folders and select the one desired ?

Keep up the good work !


Portamento :pray:t4:


I am not sure if it is a bug, but I cannot control the PATTERN volume using CC message 95 via the FX midi channel.

However, I am able to control the FX parameters via CC, but not the overall pattern level.

Working on firmware 1.10

Maybe someone can check.


Yes indeed a bug


Surely - Multiple analog outs - 4 stereo pairs! Or some kind of breakout box as an add on.


Each lfo on its own page.
Do people like the way it’s split now?


I’d prefer them on the same page. Easier to program one when you know what the other is doing. And one less page to flip through. Who wants MORE menu diving?


for the next version please: 4 outs! and please take a closer look at the lxr from sonic potions, they did it right!
That means any combination as you like per track, and per output.

example a): t1, t2 goes into out1/2 as stereo pairs, t3 goes into out3, t4 goes into out4
example b): every track has its own output
example c): t1,t3 goes into out1/2 as stereo pairs, t2,t4 goes into out 3/4 as stereo pairs
example d): t1 goes into out 1/2 as stereo pair, t2, t3 goes into out 3, t4 goes into out4

I guess you’ll get the idea.

It would be cool if you could map the lfol to the destinations of different tracks. Sometimes a sound does not need a modulation, but maybe much more - would be cool.


Indeed , i am hoping too this would be possible through a software update , 1&2 stereo out , 3&4 headphones out , done !


How much extra memory is there exactly on the Digi devices to be able to implement these ideas? I’m sure this was probably answered already but I don’t feel like searching for it.


Whats the diff between…



oops! lol


Still just waiting for portamento. Pretty certain I’ll buy it if that feature ever comes, and I’m certain that I will never buy it without such a foundational feature in FM synthesis. Someday perhaps :slight_smile: