Digitone feature requests!


It is the same feature request as the digitakt and it is so essential if you use a midi controller to controll your digis

:point_right:t4:Track volumes that stay at their values when changing patterns. Great for mixing the drums via an external midi controller (like Launchpad XL):point_left:t4:

I don’t think it would be hard to implement and it is so essential for live mix!

I use midi faders for each channels of the Digitone (like a Launchpad XL) but the fact the tracks volumes doesn’t stay the same according to the faders when I change pattern is too frustrating so I can’t jam with this workflow… Please make an option for this ! The mixer is useless actually…

The mixer is so essential… It kills my workflow…


Prep for live perf by setting volumes ahead of time?
Pre-arrange transitions? I dunno.


So when will we get some glide @Elektron ? This is a great machine and it is suffering from some basic feats missing… This stuff has been here since the 80s… Gives us that sweet GLIDE! Can’t wait no longer. :smiley:


step / sound blend step.

so i could put a bass on step 1, blend on 2,3,4 , snare on Step 5 , and it would blend / slide all parameters over those specific steps.
probably the same as slide on the other boxes. i guess its also suitable to get note glide which has been often requested.

abillity to save specific step parameters as a new sound (i know its the same thing on most elektron boxes but i’ll try again)

a controller / performance screen similar to analog4

a new ‘envelope blend’ parameter so that instead of retriggering the amp envelope (causing clicks on some sounds) , you can define a way to blend in the attack of the new sound in conjunction with the release/previous envelope… this type of thing would keep the same amount of notes being played .
Could work on digitakt etc… its a new way of removing clicks/sudden changes in amp that i dont think ive seen on any mono / single voice device.


If I do live and I use externals midi faders to control the volume mixer, I won’t set volume ahead of time. I will see through the live if this time I want this song, or this, at this level etc…
If I do set the volumes ahead of time, then jamm, change them with external midi faders and change pattern, the faders won’t coincide with the desire level. Even worse, if any of these faders change by one value on the new pattern, the sound will appear at the midi level sunddently…

Basically this is problematic, mostly on the digitakt but the digitone too.
You can’t really do live performance with an external controller for volume.
This is not how a mixer should work at all, or at least have the option.

Moreover, you can already do that with the AMP volume… :confounded:

So why do we have a mixer that work per pattern when the AMP volume can already do that ? As I said, we should at least have the option to set the mixer.


That ‘blend’ thing is how it’s supposed to work with reset set to off - it’s supposed to pick up smoothly from the existing level. However it’s buggy at the moment, especially if you play the same note twice (the second note leaps to the max level rather than taking up from the previous level). It gets worse if you’re playing pads on several tracks at once as the voice sharing seems erratic. I haven’t tested this exhaustively yet (hopefully Elektron will soon).


Perhaps your live setup could benefit using a little mixer.


Ok here’s a wild one…

Drum engine (like on the MNM) can be used on the midi tracks. That would make it a complete and awesome fm groovebox…


perhaps these boxes would have benefited from individual outputs :wink: then a mixer suggestion would be more helpful in this scenario


Overbridge :wink:



Really hope to see this soon.


Retrig please. Was looking for it for ages last night having grown used to it on Octatrack - was quite surprised it’s not there already.


Would love
Slide/glide/portamento/glissando/legato, even if only for the midi sequencer
Sustain pedal support when transmitted via Midi in from another device


I’d like to edit a pattern while it playes another one.
And why in the name of love didn’t you made line out and headphone with two separated knobs arggggh!!!