Digitone feature requests!


Would it be possible for the Digitone to ever gain the capability of using its oscillators to modulate the filter? I think this is the real trick for FM synths with filters.

Being able to modulate things with the plethora of wonderfully complex waveforms FM synthesis is capable of producing is the next step we need to take for more synth designs imo.


Probably my biggest usability gripe as well. I’ve almost resigned myself to just entering them in real-time and editing from there. The UX for chord entry SUUUUUUCKS on Digitone, and I didn’t mind the (somewhat) similar method on the MNM.

And yeah, if we could preview a step (hold step while in record mode with the sequencer stopped?) that would be super useful. Engine does this and it’s works really well.


+1 - the ability to route a midi track to the FX channel natively/ without wasting a port (though, the equivalent of a CTRL-8 machine for natively modulating any tracks would be much appreciated)
+1 - param slide (at least)
+1 - random arp mode


It probably doesn’t help that the interaction between the MnM & DN way of doing this is the opposite. In the MnM you press down to add/browse existing chord notes and use left & right to move them across the keyboard.

The DN is the reverse.

To be critical, the UI on the DN doesn’t make sense. Sure, you go “up&down” a keyboard, except a physical keyboard and the DN’s UI keyboard representation is horizontal so left&right keys are more logical than the up&down that we have.

This sums up the DN’s UI for me. It’s pretty, but the actual interaction/ux is poor. There are plenty more examples like this.

If it didn’t sound so good…


A decent time division like in OT.

Even @Dataline miss that.


Finally got my own DN and spent all last night making sounds. So inspiring. That frosty harmonic mojo is addictive.

One major thing I (and I’m sure many others) wish was possible would be an “advanced” option to select values between the ratios for operators A, B1/2 and C… and to have the LFOs be able to modulate those values as well. Having this be switchable per operator and LFO would allow many more sound design possibilities.

Also bandpass and band reject options on the filter would be nice.

A third envelope dedicated to pitch wouldn’t hurt either.


Midi Arp.
Random Arp.
customArp scales.
Direct Pattern Jump.


Probably already been mentioned but scale per track would be divine and, one would think, not difficult to implement.


feature I want most is UK stock! ordered one recently and the wait is killing me


Along with a 2nd MIDI LFO, what if we could assign the MIDI LFOs to the internal synth track parameters? On the MD, you can assign any track’s LFO to any other track’s parameters. Giving us more modulation can’t be a bad thing!


A possibility to apply filter to Input could be handy or am I missing something?


A shortcut to the sample manager like on the A4 . Yes + track would do the trick.


Will there ever be a pointrelease for Digitone with additional features? Novation just released the 8th (!!) update of circuit. I wish something would happen here in the elektron camp… really love the Digitone and still hope for a DSP Boot failure fix and some implemented requested features… Fingers crossed


Passing monitored input-signals through, straight to the DTs Outputs.


I just want retrig. And scale/speed per track. I have the Model:Samples sitting right next to the Digitakt and Digitone, and I constantly keep looking for sequencer functions that only exists on one of the boxes. Always instinctively press the retrig buttons on the Digitone, even though there are none. Tried to set a track on the Digitakt to a different scale/speed the other day (again) after being spoiled by the ModelSamples.

Same with the analog keys.

I want the sequencer on all these machines to have these basic functions, to be more in-line with each other.


Under scale, select a different root note the keys will shift in the way you describe


YES, retrig would be awesome!

I found myself trying to place retrig lock yesterday only to be disappointed…A: that the option isnt there, and B: that my alzheimers musta been kicking in and i forgot that wasnt an option on DN.

Only box without, so i wont be too hard on myself. Its a natural go-to for me.


Poly mode in the arpeggiator! It’s really fun on the analog four, and the added polyphony of the digitone would be very a blast!


p-lockable fx
p-lockable arp
slide for p-locked parameters
scale (of bpm) per track
better scrolling resistance for the encoder that goes through all the B operators’ ratios

if the Bag Of Words model in my head is working correctly, it looks like the most common requests have been for parameter slides, portamento, and scale/speed per track. for good reason, they are extremely useful on other elektron products and interact powerfully with the sequencer.


this should be rule in all elektrons just like in OT