Digitone feature requests!


Feature Requests:

▲ Portamento / Slide
▲ MIDI Arpeggiator
▲ Scales on MIDI tracks
▲ P locking FX
▲ P locking ARP
▲ Master Compressor


Kits for a synth? I’m really happy that they skipped this for the Digitone since it makes it possible to have completely separate patterns where you don’t have to worry about making small og big changes to sounds and then having to save them in a new kit all the time… Of course if both were possible then that would be fine.


an octave shortcut button would be cool given the 1 octave limit. for use in step mode.


Screensaver mode. Unless the Digitone screen is “immune” from burn-in?
Random looping arpeggiator (there seem to be quite a few people requesting this)
Random patch generator
Arpeggiator with the Midi tracks too!
A fix for the “DSP Boot Failure” bug (is it too succeptible to line noise? It seems to happen less when I turn it on before everything else…


Got mine yesterday and found saving an edited sound to the next empty slot quite long-winded… so would like a shortcut for this very thing. (Have read the manual’s Key Combinations section but it doesn’t appear to be in there.)


Press FUNC+"…" button to go directly to the Imp/Exp menu.


I know that but I’m looking for a shortcut to saving the current sound to the next empty slot. On the Analog Four this is ‘Save + Sound’ but I guess there’s no DT equivalent.


Ok but it’s three quick button presses so no problem here.


I think fewer button presses are a sign of a mature and playable instrument so I personally hope this will improve. Ditto for the access to some menus. For example, leaving the mod wheel setup to go to LFO pages, I should be able to simply press the LFO button and go right there. Right now what happens is this action takes me out of the mod wheel menu but only as far as the Sound menu. I then have to hit another button so I can then go and hit my LFO button.
These details may not matter to some users . . . until they try a streamlined version.


And it would be faster if the shortcut took us directly to that empty slot instead of the menu. It’s also like this on the AR.


Hey Everyone. What would you like to see for the next digitone upgrade. Id love an EQ