Digitone feature requests!


Best workout under the sun when it has 88 keys and at least 15 kg.


Projects are already there?


This is already possible in the “TRACK NOTE menu” just using the SCALE KEY knob to change the Key.


But it doesn’t move the keys, so then the keyboard isn’t in the proper position. if Trig 9 is C and trig 2 is C#, then when you transpose, trig 1 should now be C# and so on. It should visually move the keyboard.


But that ensures that you always have the black keys on the upper row. Preferable, I think. We’re talking +/- one key.


Please make the metronome routable to the headphone output only.


That’s the idea. The black keys should always be on the top row with the white on the bottom row.


Well, that’s how it currently is, at least on my DN :grinning:
No matter which scale I select and which key I switch to I get exactly that.


But I don’t think they move, right? So the 2 black keys are always trigs 2/3, right? If you switch to C#, shouldn’t the first 2 black keys now be trigs 1/2?


I’m not completely sure how the Digitone behaves, but normally such stuff is implemented by shifting only the pitches and not the keyboard. This way you don’t have to remember which keys are part of which scale, but you have to remember just a few ones.

For example: you can play all major scales by using the same keys as for C major.


Right, but because the DN is only one octave, you lose notes when you go up or down an octave without moving the keyboard.



DT one hand, mini controller other.

Werk with the tool you got, find another or design your own. Worry less, werk more.


Isn’t this thread for feature requests and dreams? Why is my request so ridiculous?


My requests for Digitone:

•Song mode
•retrigger for MIDI
•Portamento/Note Slide
•Arpeggiator, scales on MIDI tracks
•Random mode on arpeggiator


Please add two more LFO. It would be cool if a sequencer track, could affect its neighbor. I.e. if track 1 could automate track 2.


slide trigs for smooth bendy automation pleeeeease

this is such a much needed and requested feature… it would be so good and make the instrument something proper special


+1 for this - different multipliers per track would be amazing and make the box much more versatile. I can imagine it would make trig quantising difficult “under the hood” for the developers, but I’d prefer to live with that confusion and be able to have the sequencer running at different multiplied rates on each of the 4 tracks in a pattern… #wishlist


Mute Mode - is there a way of showing internal and midi tracks together so they can be muted at the same time (like on the Monomachine)? If not, could this be implemented somehow?

(I’ve only had the Digitone for a couple of days so apologies if this feature already exists and I missed it.)


I’d love a MUTE and PERFORMANCE screen like on the A4 so you can use the trigs to mute and change the volume values of tracks all from one screen.


Please please please

Link patterns, if there is no option of having kits in the future, please consider linking the tweaks if we use the same sounds on the different patterns

I don’t understand why they skipped this on the Digi series

Song mode & kits would be perfect if possible