Digitone feature requests!


Move the Filter Key Tracking from Setup to the 2nd Filter Page


Yeah, assignable key tracking would be so good, especially with fast LFOs.


What I need are midi track presets or a way to save default settings per the track.


Better yet, global MIDI assignment configs, say 4, with predefined routing and CC assignments for all 4 tracks. That way no matter which patterns you load all 4 tracks will stay locked to the synths you’ve got connected and configured.




Save and name ‘Template’


Class compliant USB Audio.


Same features we get in the browser ie (audion patches in real time, filter, search) for the sound pool please.

So adding sound locks to trigs is no longer a pia.

OK after a bit more digging its only when adding sound locks that you can’t audion. so can we just have some way to do that rather than waiting for it to trigger in the sequence?


I would love to have macros for the DN the possibility to route functions like release, reverb, dist on one knob would bring any live
performance on another level…or is it possible by now and I’m missing something?


Modwheel and aftertouch are at least two great macro “knobs” as a workaround. Try them, they’re great, since you can assign 4 different destinations.


The problem is that both require you to connect an external source :frowning:


No thanks!


+1 for the compressor. i do not understand why it doesn’t have one already. digitakt has master compressor with sidechain yet you can’t feed external signals through it. you can feed external signals through digitone, yet it has no master compressor. how does that make any sense? especially when the two are somewhat designed to be paired?


DSP Boot Failure fix would be a great one!


Transpositions should be forced to the key and scale selected for that track. Or we should at least have the option. Not much use in transposing a melody or chord if it doesn’t stay in scale…


I’ve noticed that I can only enter notes in step record mode with the AUTO channel and not the actual MIDI channels assigned to T1-T4. That’s stupid. Fix it.


I notice this too yesterday. It would be good to have this fixed.


It would be awesome if FUNC+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW would move the keyboard left and right so that trigs 1/9 were a new note, but the white/black key layout stayed correct. I’m tired of only being able to play a full octave in C.


Keyboard controller.


Yeah. I’ll just take my keyboard controller on the bus or on the plane or on my couch :wink: