Digitone feature requests!

This! I can’t understand why this isn’t implemented.


The fixed frequency mode is not included in the manual.
It may be due to simplification of operation.

I think so too. Keeping it simple.

1 arpeggiator from monomachine!!!
2 3 LFO


if – in addition to that – you can control the pitch of an op beyond that ratio values, yes.
otherwise, no.
in my eyes, setting pitches of all the op´s within (even)ratio means to loose a big part of (unharmonic) spectrum.
i dont know what ratio we can choose from… they might include odd ratios?

Hmmm but isnt that what the “harmonic” Additive Synthesis knob is for?

no, since it adds harmonics to the fundamental pitch. to get access to the inharmonic fm spectra we need ratios that are not a whole number multiple of the input pitch (what we played via keyboard). so instead of 1/2 or 2/1, 8/1 we need 1/2.01 or 2/1.29, 8/0.953 …

btw in the manual p 76 i found out that in respect to ratio
"A has a more extensive number of ratio values to allow for more inharmonic relationships. For more informa- tion, please see “11.3.3 RATIO A” on page 40. "

so, i seems that they include some odd ratios there…

True, and with only 4 ops using one as an LFO would leave you with just three. Still, a lot of possibilities in FM are left off the table w/out this

Song Mode. Seriously - does Elektron not get that a lot of people NEED this in order for the equipment to be of any use to them?!?!?!


I had Groovebox Like Machines since the Roland Groovebox days. I never used the Song Mode…


lol. you guys. I love ya…but geessshh

number 1 feature request for me would be for it to be in stock :slight_smile:


why would you have, it can’t sequence external synths. back in those days you’d use a dedicated sequencer to control everything. or one would play their cheese tracks over a static beat. people want to ditch their DAWs, and a simple way to save some pattern changes would make that a lot easier. but keep defending a defenseless position…

it’s like criticizing someone for wanting a bicycle by saying “you have legs, just walk”

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Well, can you add an LFO to offset the ratios ever so slightly? You can use this sort of technique with the rytm, where you can offset a synth sounds’ pitch ever so slightly, by baking it with a very slight static LFO modulation…? We even have 2 LFOs to burn on the digitone so you eont even have to spend your only one…


Only 3 wishes so far.

  • Grid recording with external MIDI Keyboard (EDIT: It’s possible. I don’t know why it didn’t work the first time I tried it.)
  • Solo
  • Arp for MIDI Tracks too


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This so much! Get some cross synthesis in there! That would be so awesome!

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Comb filter. I imagine this synth would sound so sweet with a comb filter.


It needs that retrig feature in the DT and AR. First of all- that glitchyish repetition would be cool for musical instruments but also for that velocity envelope applied to a FM process could actually be beneficial for the sound arc


You can achieve retrig with arp and plocked length.
But retrig and plocked arp would be cool features…


Does the arp work with MIDI tracks? Is it plockable?