Digitone feature requests!


So if I parameter lock anything on the step it won´t be affected? Or is a specific parameter?


specific parameter.

So any steps that are p-locked by a given parameter, won’t be affected when that parameter is employed during a Control All function.

For instance, you don’t want track 1’s drive parameter to be affected when you CTRL-ALL the drive parameter? Okay, then p-lock the drive on Track 1’s active steps to the where you’d like it to stay.

Or you don’t want the reverb send on track 4 to be affected during CTRL-ALL, then p-lock the reverb send on track 4’s active steps to where you’d like it to stay.


Great, maybe a bit messy ´cause I should parameter lock lots of things but still useful, thanks!


It’s a workaround! I used it on my kick tracks quite a bit back in my Machinedrum days :slight_smile:
Things that could make a kick go insane, Amp decay, LPF, distortion, etc.


Yes, it helps a lot, in both DN an DT.


Functon + trk already does that when not in mute mode. So easiest way to select tracks is to stay out of mute mode and just quick it the mutes with the shortcut. I mean how else would you accurately mute tracks and select tracks at the same time given the interface?

I suppose you could invert the behavior so func + trk acts as a select in mute mode but I can also see that confusing just as many people as it helps.


Sound locks aren’t effected either, so if you save your track voice as a sound and lock it to the steps it won’t be affected. Might save you some plockin…


But then you need 2 hands to mute and unmute.




where are you planning to put the mute or track select buttons then? I mean there’s no way to do this without looking or feeling kludgy. I think it works fine and the takt and tone are small enough to reach the combo with one hand.


Maybe a silly suggestion, or maybe covered already - sorry.

It would be nice to switch a track from having notes on each button, to have 1 button for each up to 16 sound p-locks.

This would make it easy to put together an FX kit or drum set and tap these in, or play live.


Maybe if you have monster hands!


stares at hand :fearful:


I got tiny child-like girl hands. Maybe add a function for choosing the track by holding it for a second or 2 like you can do with FUNC+PTN for the metronome on/off?


Routing tracks to headphone output (cue).


It would be great if we could use the FILL button as a “Scene” that would switch to all parameter values assigned to it. Holding FILL would act like a Scene Pad on the Analog Rytm (Scene mode)

This could probably also be done on track trigs so that holding FILL + Trig and then turning a knob would assign that parameter to the trig but only be activated when FILL is held.


An enhanced fill feature would be great. If wished for conditional plocks before and this would be a cleaner way to get something similar.


Per track time signature and sustain pedal input support

Okay, sustain input will be perfect, but what I really need is just per track signature, please add this thanks for your hard effort for development



Yes it’s a complete sentence. Stupid forum software.


Another modulation source called “Note Number”. Same as velocity, but the scale is set by the note that is triggered. This is useful to have different timbre’s for low octaves / high octaves…I use it on my Prophet all the time.