Digitone feature requests!


Perhaps only AK… I’m not sure as I’ve never played with either AK or A4, but Cuckoo covers it here:


It is wonderful.
I am at work so I will watch later


Both the Analog Four and Analog Keys have the Multi Map feature that allows a different sound to be assigned to each MIDI note.


Along with p-locking the arp, it would be so crazy awesome if we could p-lock the arp designer, too. Imagine being able to create crazy fast melodies with that.

Also, I believe (don’t have it in front of me) that the MIDI tracks only have 1 LFO each. Can we get another one?


yes only one LFO per miditrack, I would also like to have RND ARP like in A4, slides, performance, maybe kits, autosave of function, etc It’s sometimes so confusing with multiple Elektrons that not all Elektrons can do the same tasks!


Ugh. And here I was thinking that the only thing the DN was missing on the MIDI side was the arpeggiator. Ridiculous!


i bet its not only confusing for us, also confusing for devs. do they have to code everything again with each box?


I watched a movie.
This function is necessary for digitone!!


I wish that on the DN (and all the other boxes) when you did patterns that aren’t multiples of 64 that it spread the steps evenly on each page. For example, if I wanted 3/4 time signature for 4 bars, each page would have 12 steps on it.


I wish that when you went into scale made instead of just blanking out the notes in one octave, the combined all the active notes on one row and the others from the next octave in the other, so you’re covering two octaves on one page. This is how the Circuit and most pad synths do this. It’s really frustrating to be limited to one octave! I’ve even started plugging in my Circuit or BSII for midi in.


Or set your trig page for the track to have lfo off. P-lock the first trig to have lfo on and make sure your lfos are in trig mode. P lock other trigs to add more restart points


It’s been requested multiple times, but independent time scaling per track, would make live soooo much easier, so I thought I’d bump it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Step by step recording too, you know the sequencer mode where you move on a step automatically with every note/chord you play on the keyboard. I know there’s live record + quantise but my timing is sloppy. (;

Multiple LFO Destinations, if they could fit it in that already crowded menu somewhere.

Edit: Some Sort of Basic EQ somewhere in the soundchain?


Is this thread is a proper way to set requests?

As there are two blank places in the trig menu it would be great to have there note randomize options - % chance and how many notes + /- it can be randomized. It’s one feature that I miss from the Beatstep pro.


No, this is more a discussion of wanted feature by the user base. There is an officiall way to send feature request through the elektron website.


How about a way to choose tracks while in MUTE mode so you can edit parameters while also muting and unmuting stuff?


I’d like an option to totally dumb-down how the mute button track lights work.

I don’t need a different color/intensity for the current track I am on, that info is available on the screen.
But more importantly, I’d like to be able to turn off the lights in the mute buttons that correspond to live trigs.
It’s a lot of information to decipher when I just want to know which tracks are muted and which aren’t.

This is my only gripe with Digitone.


Same here.

That and individual track length multipliers, but I can live without that as I have with A4.


It would be great to lock a track that you don´t want to be affected by the Control All functionality!!


Please Elektron, make it happen! Also on the Digitakt. It makes no sense right now.


You can parameter lock the specific parameters on the steps of a track that you do not want affected. This trick goes all the way back to machinedrum