Digitone feature requests!


It would be nice to gray out the out of scale notes on the DT keyboard without shifting the whole keys. So if C is not in a scale, it is gray out but the C (step#9) stays at its spot. I am learning music theory so I maybe don’t see the point of changing keys positions.

Example: in the C scale the step 9->16 are the white keys on the keyboard, starting at C. But if you change the scale for aeolian F4, the C became a F, why that? I’d prefer to keep the keyboard as it is.


Thought about this. The Filter Keytrack is great, but isn’t it unipolar? I love the A4 is bipolar.


More requests:

  1. Allow the same note to be triggered one after another without shutting off the note before it.
  2. Separate clock and transport on/off controls.
  3. More voices (not even sure if this is possible.


Overbridge is likely to show it , it does on digitakt beta , it’s a subtle colour thing on the graphic dial.
On device is nicer though it gets tricky with single colour , low resolution display


please multiband comp and eq and portamento


I mean it should show the actual motion of the knob or setting that is being changed by the LFO.


Sure , it’s a request on most other devices too . I don’t think it’s ever happened but that doesn’t mean it never will .


Since this thread has grown very long, I couldn’t read most of the posts … so I apologise in advance, if this has been mentioned already … but I had the impression the majority was discussing suggestions about extending the sequencer, ARP, MIDI, or LFO functionality, so it might be okay to make the following suggestions (again?).

After many hours of digging and learning the very special Digitone-FM-concept, I would say,

  1. It’s a great machine, making much fun, having excellent sound, beeing very easy to use for everybody, having many sweet-spots just on it’s surface without needing a degree in FM-science,
  2. but there are some changes, I would love to see concerning the FM-engine itself.

What about an “Advanced FM-Mode” consisting of:

A-1: B1 and B2 with separate envelopes.

The LEV-B paramter provides like a macro three different sections, B1, B1/B2 changing roles, B1/B2@max mixed mode. The idea is nice, but TBH very limiting in the first place.

We all know that the modulation level has a big influence on the sound. To be forced to have those sections with mixed modes, prevents many possible sound shapes by default. I am used to work with modulation intensity like using hot spices. It makes a big difference in sound design to have 127 steps for B1 and 127 steps for B2 to define, how much modulation we apply, or only about a 1/3 (which counts to about 42). The mixed zones are very unflexible too (diagram on manual page 41), because there is no option - unless I missed something - to have a certain amount of B1 and then to spice with B2 as needed - or vice versa.

A-2: Separation of the “Harmonics” for A-B

First I want to say that I love to have the Harmonics at all. Elektron has made good choices, what it’s inside this kind of wavetable.

But to be forced to have the harmonics on A AND B1 simultaneously is a big limitation for me, because it prevents me, to limit the complexity of FM at a certain state.

Maybe it’s only me, but I prefer to have relatively simple Carriers and more or less complex Modulators. But with the Digitone algorithms - and considering the macro like LEV-B settings I get more than I need or want, if working with all four operators. There have been many situations, where I could not achieve my planned sound, because I could not use all four operators, but harmonics only on A OR on B1.

It would be great to get a switch like

  1. Harmonics on A&B1 (there are indeed very interesting sounds there)
  2. Harmonics on A only
  3. Harmonics on B1 only

A-3: Sensitivity of the “Ratio on B” encoder

Now this is a real issue for me. Often enough I know, what ratio I want, but it’s like touching the knob and I am on hyper-speed. This unnecessary twiddling costs so much time and is an issue, which is very annoying.

I think, we could need a kind of slow/fast mode there.


If we’re serious about feature requests, do we still need to contact support? Does this thread actually hold any sway over any possible upcoming features?


It’s clearly much too fast currently and the fast mode is always there if you press the knob while turning it.

Great post SoundRider. I think we all would love to have some more free and complex options for the operators in the Digitone. I’m sure they are working on it though since it has been requested by many.


I hope to make good use of precious 8voices.

For this reason, I would like to set a drum track like the old midi synth (Roland GS and XG) and assign a tone to each scale. Is it possible already?

If possible, I want to preserve and assign the tone on overbridge.


Yes. Like all the other feature request threads, this one is just throwing nickels into the wishing well. There is official channels for feature request through the elektron site. If you really want to see something added that is probably the best place to try.


That’s what I thought.


I desire disable all digitone effects and increase the voices.
I want you to invalidate reverb and delay etc., and turn the cpu performance to that for voices.


I want digitone to be able to sound browser preview the tone from the external keyboard.


Portamento seems to be able to substitute “LOCKED VOICES”(locked 1 voice). It is strictly different.


I’d really like to see loopable envelopes…would free up some lfos :+1:


+1 This would open up a lot of possibilities…I was surprised it didn’t have it to begin with.

I wish the filter types were in proper order. If you want to switch from LP2 to LP4 you have to go through HP, which will introduce an abrupt change in the sound.


This would be great! The A4 has something like this yeah?


Is there already a similar function in a4?