Digitone feature requests!


It would be nice to gray out the out of scale notes on the DT keyboard without shifting the whole keys. So if C is not in a scale, it is gray out but the C (step#9) stays at its spot. I am learning music theory so I maybe don’t see the point of changing keys positions.

Example: in the C scale the step 9->16 are the white keys on the keyboard, starting at C. But if you change the scale for aeolian F4, the C became a F, why that? I’d prefer to keep the keyboard as it is.


Thought about this. The Filter Keytrack is great, but isn’t it unipolar? I love the A4 is bipolar.


More requests:

  1. Allow the same note to be triggered one after another without shutting off the note before it.
  2. Separate clock and transport on/off controls.
  3. More voices (not even sure if this is possible.


Overbridge is likely to show it , it does on digitakt beta , it’s a subtle colour thing on the graphic dial.
On device is nicer though it gets tricky with single colour , low resolution display


please multiband comp and eq and portamento


I mean it should show the actual motion of the knob or setting that is being changed by the LFO.


Sure , it’s a request on most other devices too . I don’t think it’s ever happened but that doesn’t mean it never will .