Digitone feature requests!


Finally got my hands on a DN today while I wait for mine in the mail. My original feature requests still stand (from when I only read the manual and saw what other people were missing). Immediately, the things I feel we need are:

  1. P-lockable arp
  2. MIDI arp (seriously, wtf?)
  3. Per track speeds
  4. P-lockable FX (like the A4)
  5. A MIDI loopback feature to allow the MIDI tracks to control the sequencer a la my “crazy sequencer idea” thread
  6. Kits!
  7. The ability to play the sequencer back, forward, and randomize AND copy a pattern/page in reverse
  8. Seriously, how is there not a MIDI arp!??!
  9. Ability to use all 16 keys for chromatic playing
  10. AMP decay should be a ratio of the note length. I noticed that if the decay was longer than the note length, you’d get the clicks as if you stopped a sample before it hit 0.

I’m sure I’ll find more come Tuesday (when mine comes and I ignore friends and family for a week), but I was pretty impressed today with how it sounded.


Use a release of around 4 or so, it shouldn’t be noticeable but will eliminate the clicks.

I don’t think the decay should be dependent on note length; sometimes I use a short decay with a long release to fake a “drum” style of note action, where a short press lets the note ring out but a long press acts as though you’re striking a drum, then immediately muting it.


I’ll check that out.


It always surprises me when I hear claims of Elektron having unrivalled sequencers, when they are all omitting such obvious functionality


Ability to loop the active page of a multi-page sequence. It would make long sequences so much easier to edit.


Also, how is there no slide function like on the OT? Seriously, Elektron, get your crap together. All of your newer machines should have the same damn sequencer functions. Same with individual track swing. It’s like y’all are trying to drive us crazy!


+1 great idea!


simon provides what seems like a good explanation


I meant parameter slide, like doing p-locks on 2 steps and having them slide between each other. Although portamento would be nice, too.


I would love to see a ‘reverb pre delay’ lfo/modulation parameter added to the effects settings of the Digitone (and Digitakt) without using a midi channel/lfo (CC) for it. The reverb really comes alive when modulating the predelay setting.

That would also be a nice addition for the ‘Delay Time’
I would love some square modulated delay times to get some nice ‘pitch shifting effects’ :slight_smile:

Ah well


+1 to PLock’ing the Arp.
+1 PLocking FX params.

How do people do triplets without Plocking Arps? My current workaround is to save a version of the sound with and without Arp and PLock the Arp version of that sound to the trigger I want. Seems clunky, but it works ok. Not being able to edit the PLocked voice easily is a bit cramping [literally]


Arp parameters as lfo destinations.


Holy crap, that’s kind of a genius idea.

Just to make sure I understand, here’s an example of what I think you’re saying:

  1. Sound1 - No arp
  2. Sound 1.2 - Arp TRU with speed of 6
  3. Sound 1.3 - Arp CYC with speed of 3
  4. Sound 1.4 - Arp DWN with speed of 9

Use Sound1 for most of the melodies, then when you want the triplets or crazy “p-locked” arps, soundlock sounds 2-4 at any given point?




yes please


It seems a bit strange that sound locks can change the arp parameters, but they can’t be directly plocked. I would love to not only be able to plock the arp, but also have it as an LFO destination… because that’s when things can get weird!


We totally need keytracking for the filters. There’s all that empty space on the 2nd filter page! And more lfos! And an assignable envelope like on the A4.

Got mine today. Gotta put it through its paces to see if I’m gonna keep it.


It already exists for the multimode filter:


but it’d be nice if it could be set for the base/width filter as well!


Gotcha. Wonder why they didn’t put a knob for easier access.


Another crazy idea. What if, when a parameter was effect by the LFO, you could actually see the parameter moving so you could even more finely tune how far you want the LFO to go? That’d be dope.

Oh, and MIDI arp. Not sure if I’ve said that yet.