Digitone feature requests!


As far as I know you’ll need to configure which CCs it should record.

  • An option for 2 octaves on the top and bottom rows in scale mode, rather than the keyboard layout with greyed out keys.

  • Midi track arps

  • The ability to route pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch to their encoders on the midi tracks.

  • Lock arp to selected scale


Being able to hold SHIFT and turn the B parameter knob to where it will increment/decrement the 2nd B operator value


that’s a good suggestion


+1 on that ryan


Just got mine, pretty good so far. Shocked there is no retrig. Use it all the time on OT. Does it mess with the voice count or something? This machine is crying out for it. Suppose I could sequence it from OT.
Initial impressions are good though, I see it as a partner for something rather than stand alone. Also seems to be a preset plus kind of setup with the options limited, but it’s a fair trade off for the price.
Sounds great.


Retrig on this machine would be supreme. But based on the UI - I don’t think it’s gonna be coming :confused:


I thought it was a signature feature of elektron machines. Not a deal breaker as I see DN for me as the ambient machine in the studio.


Unfortunately not- if only appears in their percussion- aimed machines. Their synthesizers never have it, you could always sample the hits into your OT and retrig on there as well as free up some voices on the machine!

It is a pretty great ambient machine, though- I have yet to design an excellent pad that really takes advantage of the shifting sound


Good thought on sampling the hits, been doing that with DFAM and lots of great stuff, sure DN will be just as good.


Part III of “Digitone, Foldish-Behavior, and Me”

To get your typical wave folding/multiplying/timbre sounds ala Buchla/Serge/etc. is even simpler than I had thought.

  1. Init a patch so you have a sine wave.
  2. Go to the Syn2 page.
  3. Play a note and sweep the level controls (knobs D and H).

That’s it. You can assign LFOs to this parameter and use them in triggered mode to do a typical enveloped harmonic sweep.


Yeah I feel like something needs to be done about this, it’s kinda ridiculous!


The controls on the Digitakt as well, why put in these new aircraft-grade encoders if they’re not scaled right?

One bit of magic I’ve gotten out of the Digitone is 2-fer patching…the mix control really means you have 24 algorithms in a sense, if you consider the X and Y lanes their own simpler algorithms. This can be put to good use by toggling between them rhythmically with a square LFO…today I had a nice Kickenspiel going with that method, like two instruments on one track…a thumpy bass to the left and chimes to the right. You can obviously smear between them with a triangle or whatever, but getting the square synced up just so, is pretty bitchin’.


Heya just got my Dtone :slight_smile: Love it

Something I thought would be a neat feature… would be P-locking the Input FX sends… currently this does not seem possible, which is a shame…

Could this be added to the Midi Tracks? This is where it makes sense for me… I’m controlling an external Instrument with the Digitone, sending it into the inputs, the effects are there… it would be great to P-lock them :slight_smile:

I got scared and thought I was doing something wrong when I was holding a trig and they weren’t responding… but I figure nope… that aint a thing


Also : Random Arp mode

Surprised that’s not in there also


Last one, wish the Send FX were on 1st Amp Page, not 2nd. Would be cool to switch it to the first page and put the envelope on the 2nd page, for instance, as a settings.


Change the filter type order from OFF>LP2>HP>LP4 to OFF>LP2>LP4>HP

It’s really jarring having to skip thru HP filter mode to get to LP4

It doesn’t seem to logically make sense to have a HP filter sandwiched between to LP filter types.


Unfortunately Elekton does not consider this a bug, but a feature that may or may not be added.


There’s an lp4? I totally missed that! I missed it like Im missing the paper weight I was using to hold down the fill button, until I re-read the manual😎


Smashing list, I approve