Digitone feature requests!


Ok then, poly-chain it is! :smiley:


you can create a pattern with a different sequence just for one track, keeping the sequences the same for the 3 other tracks. I think they are enough pattern per project to “work” like that. :+1:


Or sequence it externally


Please i need it quick :



and also Legato mode ! please Elektron !!!


Not only that, it doesn’t seem to record pitch bends and mod wheel moves when using a controller to play in lines either, which frankly sucks a whole lot of ass. This combined with its poor timing in recording lines with grace notes and other actual playing, even in unquantized recording, kind of pisses me off a bit. Not everyone uses this equipment to play four-on-the-floor dance music. I thought I was basically buying a synth module that would record my lines verbatim, but I guess showing it off with a keyboard hooked up at NAMM was just to illustrate that you can hunt and peck a bassline with your index fingers.

I suppose recording pitch/mod would mean trigless locks on every empty step and a bunch of stepping. Kind of a fundamental flaw in the Elektron sequencer, considering that French upstart Squarp has immaculate resolution alongside step sequencing in their not-terribly-expensive Pyramid.


I wouldn’t expect high enough resolution on any Elektron sequencer to record pitch bend, aftertouch, or mod wheel smoothly. It is, after all, just a step sequencer with 16ppq resolution that has the ability to nudge events by 196ppq. I do sometimes miss having an MPC as master sequencer for polyphonic parts as it had high enough resolution to record these kinds of events. But really, I would just like these events to at least forward directly to the output of a MIDI track for jamming.


for this kind of use a daw is prefered, you can sequence the notes on a daw and use trigless lock at the same time for p-locks etc…


For some instances, yes. But a lot of times I like playing modulations, not programming them


so can’t you play the mods from a midi keybord to a daw to a digitone ?this is how synth modules are used no ???


They’ll play if you want to make live audio recordings, but just won’t sequence it. It’s frustrating, because you’re listening to yourself play it in and it sounds perfect, and then you play it back and it’s mangled and has no bends or mod on it.


even with a daw ?


The Digitone’s internal synths will respond as expected to these events


With all due respect, this really isn’t what Elektron gear is designed for. Yes, you can record MIDI notes and CC events into it, but it’s not a linear sequencer, and never will be. It’s designed so you quickly record something into it, tighten it up and make it into a sequence.


I think when I bought my Elektrons I sort of new they would only record a note per step, but somehow still when I first tried live recording a filter sweep I was surprised it came back stepped… Then I learned I bought step sequencers. From that point on I know about them vs linear sequencers. You learn things as you go and each of those things broadens your understanding and adds up so in the future you can make more informed purchases… I’ve actually learned to be OK with it though…


I’ve had five Elektron boxes over the years; not that mystified about it, just disappointed after the way it was marketed. I generally enjoy how their boxes can chop things up, but it’d be nice if their tech could get to a point where it could also flow.

Despite that layer of disappointment, it’s a pretty spectacular synth…I just feel like it’s a little dumb that I have to externally sequence my $700 sequencer box.


And not with any of their other $700-1300 sequencer boxes, I might add, but with a computer, which I’m trying to avoid, or else I wouldn’t be buying $2700 worth of their boxes.


But I love their always-frustrating-and-underpowered boxes! I’ll probably spend thousands more!


atta boy


someone understands