Digitone feature requests!


On the Monomachine you can press Rec+Stop to enter notes one at a time. Would love that to finally come back. Would be a good fit for the A4/AK too. I always get confused when I have to add them a step at a time for longer sequences, or going back and fixing the quant after a live rec is a pain.

https://youtu.be/RYaMw00IWT0?t=57s for what I mean.


I’d like to see a “Reload All Patterns” Key combo for instantly reloading all patterns to their last saved state. Just like the TEMPORARY RELOAD PATTERN Key combo but for all patterns in a project. This would be very handy for restoring ALL patterns to their default state when you have just messed up all your patterns in a performance session. I know I can reload the entire project but that takes quite some key presses and some time.

Another thing I would find very helpful is for the [PTN] key to NOT show the countdown message (BANK A : SELECT PTN … ) WHEN you have just used the PTN key and pressed another key like one of the track keys for Pattern muting. You can still change pattern by holding the PTN key. I absolutely love the “quick pattern mute” (PTN+Track key - it’s not in the manual) but the countdown message gets in the way when you have already muted that track and released the PTN key. Hope it makes sense but It would be really helpful when performing.


You could just reload your project


Ah yes, that looks like the famous SH-101 sequencer. I can imagine that being very useful if you don’t have a midi keyboard on hand, as it’ll allow you to enter notes without having to dial them in with a knob.


Besides, I think a Reload All Patterns is way faster since the TEMPORARY RELOAD PATTERN is instant.
It is not something extremely important but it would be convenient.


+1 for note slide.
Also a tune parameter on trig page. So that one could dial in detune on specific hits without needing to use an lfo for it.


The MIDI key and it’s secondary functionality (CONTROL ALL) does exactly this. If you press, hold it and release it, it will show the Midi page but if you press and hold it and turn a knob it will not show the Midi page since it’s secondary function has been performed.
So please let’s have this with the PTN key as well.


Please, is there a way to have a longer preview time when selecting the LFO Destination? Before it reverts to the previous selection.


“Temporary Reload Pattern” doesn’t load from disk, but only from RAM. That’s why it is so fast.

To illustrate this behaviour:

  1. Make a change to a pattern
  2. Switch to another pattern and back to first one
  3. Try “Temporary Reload Pattern”

You will see the pattern won’t change back to it’s state on disk. You need to reload the project to get it back.

(at least the AR and A4 behave this way and I think Digitakt and Digitone, too)

Timewise “Reload all Patterns” will almost take the same time as “Reload Project”, because the main chunk of data in a project is pattern data.

Update (from the Digitone manual):

The TEMPORARY SAVE PATTERN and TEMPORARY RELOAD PATTERN commands are great when improvising live. Any changes made to the active pattern, like adding bass line notes or using CONTROL ALL, can immediately be undone. The temporary saves and reloads do not affect the pattern in a permanent way.


Not correct.
I just tried and each pattern changed reloads exactly as it was saved on disk even if you have switched away from it.

I wouldn’t mind if it was reloading from RAM. That’s where it would be helpful, to quickly undo ALL ones changes. It will be faster, at least if there is a key combo for it.
In any case even if nothing has been TEMP SAVED it will still be restored to the saved state via the TEMPORARY RELOAD PATTERN.


Then the Digitone is much more useful in this respect than A4/AR. I wonder if there is really a shadow copy of all patterns in RAM or if it is restricted to a few …


Yeah it’s incredibly useful! I have been getting the impression that there is a copy of all patterns but I’ll check.


It would be great to be able to play-preview sounds in the browser from the connected MIDI keyboard. Currently the MIDI keyboard only plays sounds selected from the browser into the track.


Set your controller to the ‘auto’ channel. Then it will play whatever the selected track is, and additionally play the sounds when you are in the sound browser


Grid recording using track note method: get rid of the [yes]/[no] option to commit changes!

It’s frustrating when editing a pattern to add/change a note and not be able to hear the change until you hit [yes] or [no] and EXIT THE MENU. So if you don’t like the change, you have go back into the editing mode, make the change, then leave again to hear the change. Unnecessary mood killer.


There is no way to hold the arp, is there?


Yes, this is a pain. I mean you could still have ‘No’ to cancel any changes, right?


The big request for me (also on Digitakt) is that it should be possible (if desired) to load existing melodic patterns during playback in such a way that only note and other sequencer info is loaded (i.e. sounds, parameters, FX etc are not changed). I.e. load just the trigs from an existing pattern without switching to it.

This could work by holding down a key while choosing the pattern, or by using a menu option, which would help with chains.

Does anyone have any workarounds for this point? Have been through both manuals and not found a really good way to do something like this.


How would this handle sound locks and parameter locks though?


Well, I’m pretty sure the locks should really stay with the notes in the pattern (for me), some may differ on that point…I mean I can also imagine having two versions of a pattern in a project, one with locks, one without, for live use.

I’d also like a quick way of copying master / FX settings / Sounds between patterns. If you change (say) the reverb settings or replace a sound on one pattern it’s a pain to introduce the same change on every pattern. (OK I get that some track settings, trigs, sounds etc can be copied, this is more like a way of doing a global replace within a project I suppose).