Digitone feature requests!


I wonder if there will be different synthesis methods added with a future firmware, like wavetable, VA or additive.

I only just noticed (yeah, I’m not the fastest thinker I guess) that there is no mention of FM on the Digitone case itself, it only says “polyphonic digital synthesizer”.

So maybe in the future we’ll be able to select different “machines” by double pressing the T1-T4 buttons…
What do you think, is that a realistic thought at all?


2 simple requests:


Doubt it, more likely is another Digi box covering a different method of synthesis. Maybe wavetable or physical modelling (string synth/acoustic drum etc)…


Clear unassigned sounds from soundpool.

Or as part of filter on soundpool (showing only unassigned sounds)

Assigned sounds are sounds assigned to tracks and soundlocks.


Slide +1


I hope you’re wrong - multiple boxes for multiple synthesis methods, for around 700€ each? Seems pretty expensive, even for Elektron standards.

I sure hope they expand the Digitones capabilities and make it a true Monomachine successor.


Me too. Hope I’m wrong


i would totally buy other “machines” from elektron for the digitone. elektron, please consider this as a business model! would also save the environment :wink:


Actually yeah, other firmware/OS options or even different synthesis methods selectable per project would be awesome.


usb audio output would be cool.


I’d love this. I’ve actually been emulating this with the one-shot LFO+Fade trick that someone recently posted. I actually managed a pretty convincing 303 emulation last night (minus a tiny bit of the characteristic squelch on the highest resonant peaks) but being able to lock a slide would be SO nice!

Edit: Oh, as a continuation of my experimentation with wave-folder type effects, I did stumble on a very similar effect, and it was done very simply. It was just modulating one ratio between operators, but I can’t remember which algorithm(s) it worked in. It was about as basic a patch as could be though. So I’m not sure adding one specifically would be of much use. I’ll figure out the best sounding algorithm to do this in, and post a few results when I get a chance.


Why? They already sell a sampler and a FM machine separately (each >700.-) and I guess both contain exactly the same hardware.

From a business point of view the times of a Monomachine are long gone (I don’t like this, but it’s simply a fact).



Definitely need pitch bend and mod wheel on the midi tracks. Not sure why these can only be assigned to LFO at the moment.

The mod wheel knob works ok, but the pitch bend knob would be a lot more useful if it automatically returned to 0.


Not exactly, the DN has a secondary brain. :wink:


I prefer machines focused on doing one thing well instead of devices throwing in a lot of different synth engines etc.


Ha, you are right. Did my homework.


I hate working with engines myself- the Digitone is near perfect in concept and execution- 700 for a purely FM synth seems accurate for its feature-set and uniqueness.

(I wouldn’t complain if they added more voices though- the ability to overlap notes makes me really question how I got so much out of the A4)(those babies get eaten up QUICK)


Here’s one I thought of, plus a possible idea for how to activate it…

Ability to change pattern for only one track at a time! Like in Nanoloop!

Key combination idea:
Hold the track button you want to change, press/hold pattern and then press the pattern trig you want to change to.

Software-wise, it’d probably be pretty complex to implement, but wouldn’t that just be amazing if patterns could be easily combined together for transitions :smiley:


a workaround for that is to just have 4 digtones. then you could change patterns per track pretty easy


Of course! That would solve everyone else’s polyphony issues as well!