Digitone feature requests!


Sounds like the text was mistakenly copied over from the DT when they authored the DN manual.
@eangman should be made aware.


This shortcut description has already been removed from the Digitone manual, but it was indeed there in the early of the manual. Thanks for mentioning it though.


Perhaps, uhh, I should upload your updated version. Sorry folks, my mistake.


Pg 70. - Note Retrig - Maybe I misunderstood what this is refering to but it doesn’t seem to bring up the function the manual references.


That’s really disappointing. That was something I immediately looked for as a feature.


There is no direct pattern change or am I missing something? If the answer is no, I would definatly want it…


individual track speed multipliers pleease


Tempo as an LFO destination!


Here’s another suggestion for Elektron. Please use an IEC Power cable for all of your future boxes instead of the wall wart/lump lime adapter.

It’s much easier in a pinch to simply grab one of your other IEC cables, or even run down to the hardware store and buy one, than it is to order a specialty $50 Elektron adapter.


The issue there is that then the actual power supply has to be in the box. For the larger ones this probably isn’t a problem, but for the smaller ones it can produce more heat. Then there is also the issue of obtaining more certifications for your power supply especially in Europe. If you get an off-the-shelf line-lump/wall-wart it will already have passed all those certs.

That said, it is nice when you can just plug your gear straight in with a simple cable.


Kit save and load, unless I am missing something here?
on the other machines I am able to load a kit onto a track and sequence via the patterns but I cannot seem to replicate that on the Digitone. Is it as simple as introducing a kit save and load feature or is there a workflow concept that I am misunderstanding?


It’s just a different way of thinking. Once you load a sound into a pattern (or create one from scratch) it stays with the pattern until you save it elsewhere. This means that sounds loaded from the sound pool/manager are detached, and become part of the pattern… with the exception being sound locks, which are tied to the version in the sound pool, and can be modified only using parameter locks or re-saving the sound to the pool.

It does seem to take a bit of getting used to, especially in comparison to say, the Monomachine, but I kinda like it that way, as each pattern can be totally unique. It’d be nice though if it were possible to copy all track sounds and paste them into an existing pattern, essentially replicating kit structure in a way.

Hope that makes sense… I’m kinda rambling at this point haha


Can we please have the Retrig feature which was wrongly added to the manual. :kissing_heart: The DN does badass drum sounds, this would be a killer feature to have.


yea retrig is my only request at this point. everything else is perfect


@Oop and @ZORDON I just came to request retrig.

The one small piece that would make it perfect


i guess a p lockable arp would be the same thing as a retrig right?


Possibly…? Though- that finger combination of retrigs would be MIGHTY convenient…

But you know what- I’m not going to be picky with it- whichever one that that feel line doing would be quite dandy and I’ll be very happy!

OH! Another request! To be able to play complete chords in the arp mode! Under speed 1/1 || 1/2 and with some conditional locks you could get around the lack of ability to change the sequencer multiplier by part! So you could have, up to, a 16 bar pad/Chord sequence


oo that would be nice


Automatic midi cc detection for the midi tracks! If one has recording turned on, why don’t detect the first 8 CC’s coming into the input and assign + record them?

So far you always have to assign the wanted CC’s before you can record them. This means you have to know what all the CC’s are doing for each of your devices and it also means, it’s much less straight forward. You have to plan in advantage what you wanna record, instead of playing with your connected midi devices and start hitting record on Digitone if you are happy with the changes.


Pitch bend, aftertouch, and mod wheel from a controller does not forward to the MIDI out port, it only works for the internal synths. I’d like that to work.