Digitone (DN+DT) only music


very nice as always :slight_smile:


nice track! btw, can you link me to that compilation? can I still submit a track?


Actually, this compilation is tied to a show on 11/9. So it’s just the acts playing the show on it.


DN flexing and DT providing some percs. Part of a potentially much larger song…


Here is a track I made for a videogame themed compilation album. It’s basicaly menu music for an imaginary game. It does technicaly have a single pad from D-05 in the mix but it’s 98% Digitone and Digitakt and an example of a bit different aproach to these devices.


Some digital tones




Really good!


Thank you very much!


Finally got a chance to record something new. All DT & DN with some outboard fx and Analog Heat at the end of the line.


Nice, like it! You route the audio-out of the Digitakt to the audio-in of the Digitone?


Thanks! I still have a long way to go in dialing in the mix, but I’m enjoying the moments here and there when I get to jam. I have the Digitakt routed to the audio-in on the Digitone and the main outs of the Digitone go to my mixer. What I didn’t realize is that isn’t global, you have to set it up for each pattern. Definitely leaves room for some performance tricks, especially with p-locks.


Wanted to share this today.

DN, DT, SP404 for master fx and a little bass solo.


Just got back into the Digitone after a long hiatus. Some Digitakt guitar samples manually triggered as well.


Thanks for your continued support :slight_smile:


Just had the Digitone for a couple of days, after I sold my A4 MKII for not being immediate enough. What A Machine. Instant inspiration. Never imagined sound design on a FM synth could be so intuitive.


Yes it is THE sound design machine. I still come across great new sounds every time I tweak it.
I actually thought of making some Digitone Homage thread :grin:
Cool electronic track Hooger.


Zabutom throws it down pretty hard.