Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Hey everybody, I am working on a Digitone only live set at the moment, made a few recordings already, here is the last one. Everything is straight out of the machine, only a little bass cut and compression has been applied in Ableton.


“Decades” had a little help from the OP-1 on some vocal samples. Otherwise all DT+DN on this


Then maybe take it down?




DN + DT, one take. It’s actually my first electronic song ever.


Like it! Good tempo and variation.


@J3RK could you possibly change the thread title to Digitone Music? I don’t see why the Digitakt specifically is allowed and not AR, MD, OT etc. If I make a separate Digitone Music thread it is probably going to be merged with this one.


Progress on my Digitone only techno set, would love to get feedback!


That was great! I got Floating Point and Wisp vibes from it. Nice culmination of sounds and movement.

I’m a little jealous my first electronic piece wasn’t as good!



@Martebar love it :+1: keep them coming I like your style you make great use of the DN there.



Thanks man! I’ve been studying jazz and composition for 8 years, so it’s been a long journey anyway :slight_smile:


Damn- I should’a done that. But I’m glad there’s a good reason


Thanks a lot! This machine is so powerful :slight_smile:


Very nice indeed!


A sketch of an idea of a possible track :thinking:


I don’t get it.


Hello all.
A new DuoTone Adventures sketch with my dual Digitone setup.

Hope you’ll like this one . . .


New techno set with only the Digitone!


https://www.instagram.com/p/BoMS22igpiT/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1dutqmldmde32 made from rtFM pack


My entry (track 5) on the compilation in DT+DN only