Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Now when Halloween’s over, may as well start to think about making a crimbo track.
Just a jam on the DN + DT for now, but may add to it and try to make a proper track.
EDIT: Original upload is gone, so changed link instead of deleting since there’s been replies.


Sounds like a proper track to me! Great job!


Thanks and glad you enjoyed it. It could do with a few more sampled phrases or something to make t a bit more varied methinks. Or just move on…
Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:


I know what you mean… you want to add a few touches. Totally get that. Just saying it’s really good!


one pattern, one take on dt + dn, just a relaxing jam ~

*edit - updated with a new version, sampled everything to the dt and practiced a bit :slight_smile: still just one pattern using quick-save and load.


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you can put links to a hidden track on Soundcloud in here. If you can, this is what I’m up to. All drums and guitars come from Digitakt, Arp, keys and bass are Digitone.

@plusone sorry i quoted you man, i have no idea how i undo this stuff.


All good, beautiful track btw - i really enjoyed it.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


MurderVan - B Woods

Digitone: All Synths
Digitakt: Drums and 808

Prod: StrangeStrains


Pretty cool and different, well done!


I added some filter sweeps and stutter in Cubase and updated the link.
NOW I will move on. :wink:


Finally got round to making a new one:

All dt and dn, some ms20m filter, edited and sequenced in acid pro.


I finally got a new track up and I took the challenge to make it Digitone ONLY.
It’s chill Electronica/Dub Techno.
A bit of mastering has been applied.


DT > DN > AH > H5 recorder acting as an audio interface for the ipad that was on filming duty. Pretty sweet not having to go into a computer for mastering as the AH does a fine enough job for me.
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Little Digitakt + Digitone Jam which I hope you’ll enjoy


outstanding :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:


And another one… Little remix of the song ‘Wanderer’ by Hope.


Oof this is good.


Wow. Your work with just these two small boxes is amazing.