Digitone (DN+DT) only music


reminds me of a certain squarepusher track


wow, probably one of the best digitone videos I’ve ever seen


I posted this elsewhere on the board, but this specifically was made with 2 Digitones and a Digitakt.
These machines work so well with each other

Available for download. All proceeds will be donated to The Immigrant Legal Resource Center



I looked over the thread but I couldn’t spot an answer to my question: What qualifies as DT+DN only when DT is a sampler?

Are you allowed to sample things other than the DN?


thank you, much appreciated!


I guess you can sample anything as long as it’s Digitakt. I think it just means mainly Digitone and I wouldn’t worry about posting anything with a bit of OT instead.


But I can sample my modular or whatever and that’s kosher, right?


Since the Digitakt was made very much for using ones own samples I assume that’s perfectly fine. Others have bent the rules quite a bit so no worries :grinning:


Here’s my Saturday IDM DN jam session.


How are you liking the new firmware update with the individual track scale and ratio offsets?


I’m really loving the update, ratio offsets was on my wishlist! and individual track scale is a powerful function!


One more because it’s overcast outside and I don’t feel like going out right now.


All recorded straight from digitone. Used a vocoder effect on the beat, a bit of extra reverb and slight editing for lenght.


Here’s a little ditty on the takt and tone. My first use of polymeter on the takt.

digitakt-- please explain colors on the sequences, very confusing, too much to look at...

Not 100% DN+DT, but I guess it’s ok to mix a tiny portion of BS2 sometimes


very nice!


Well, it is not finished yet 100% but almost there…


100% DN, regards


99% DN, 1% ableton (a little bit of compression)


another one