Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Oh shoot, really?
I am new to these kind of videos. Unfortunately I had no level in visual form during the recording. Damn I need to get the sounds through the ipad maybe then to see how loud it is.
If you have any Tips, let me know. Thanks for your ear though (hopefully it was possible with headphones or speakers?!)


Here’s a Digitone ambient session from a few days ago.





Really nice work.


Here 2 quick jams: first Digitakt only, second Digitone only:


DT+DT only music. Well, sort of :wink:
Fender Jaguar took the leading part.


A little bit of “hard” DnB with only DT+DN :slight_smile:


I got a Digitone on monday to go with my Digitakt. It was also my friend’s birthday - and she really likes birds - so I made this just for her just for fun (and to learn!) by sampling a video I found by an interesting person who owns ravens.

(originally posted this in the ‘DT only’ music thread, whoops!)


9 patterns progression with the mini-trinity. Used to make such compositions on the electribe and now tried for the first time with the elektron machines. Feedback is much appreciated


Really enjoyed that @mishpult. Lovely composition, and those boxes just sound ace together. Only issue I have with the song is that it makes me want to get a heat to go with my digis…


Thanks, well I understand you completely about the Heat. If you can, go for it - no regrets here!


Excellent sounds! Damn I want an analog heat now. Thanks.


Here’s my DN+DT session from earlier this morning.


Love it, very hands-on and awesome sound