Digitone (DN+DT) only music


is there a full ver of this track somewhere. dig it!


I think I used some of the 808-style presets and the TX bass as starting points, though they end up getting smashed around a fair bit. I also borrowed this A4 trick to make a weird ratcheting kick on one of the tracks.


Digitone only except for some added drum fills.
Was going for a Sophie vibe.


I finish a demo, i hope you like. Sorry, but no post-pro. Feedback is welcome!


This is great head nod shit!! def accomplished the sophie vibes


Love the vibe man! SMOOVE :+1:t5:


Thanks man! :smiley:


Love the end of the Snake track :content:


So much great tracks here! I know this is also DT music but. We can just listen to digitone only music whole night and dance and drink and have fun. What a diversity! Or even think about a DN only album :yum:


Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice.


veeery nice!




just the DN. Butterfly dream music.


Here’s a beat I made with the Digitone and Digitakt. The Digitakt drum samples are mainly Buchla drum samples from here.

The Digitone sounds are Bassjam and Softbells from standard distribution pack. The others are Robot_bib and Spacepad2 from Audio Origami.

Hope you like it.


Only DN experimenting vocoder sounds


Can you explain how you used a vocoder with the DN? Thanks.



Did some music for a friends shop a month or so ago, and whilst not strictly Digitone only music, but the lions share here is Digitone. Drums are Octatrack, and there’s a bit of Odyssey, Two Voice Pro and a splash of Deckards in there too… BUT! It was certainly born from The Digitone and it’s the only synth that runs for the entire duration.


oh, I said vocoder sounds. It’s still DN synthesis, in particular LFOing on SYN:ratioc, SYN:pitch, SYN:ratio all. Doesn’t it sound like a vocoder…? Regards


I’d say sounds formanticable. :wink: