Digitone (DN+DT) only music


is there a full ver of this track somewhere. dig it!


I think I used some of the 808-style presets and the TX bass as starting points, though they end up getting smashed around a fair bit. I also borrowed this A4 trick to make a weird ratcheting kick on one of the tracks.


Digitone only except for some added drum fills.
Was going for a Sophie vibe.


I finish a demo, i hope you like. Sorry, but no post-pro. Feedback is welcome!


This is great head nod shit!! def accomplished the sophie vibes


Love the vibe man! SMOOVE :+1:t5:


Thanks man! :smiley:


Love the end of the Snake track :content:


So much great tracks here! I know this is also DT music but. We can just listen to digitone only music whole night and dance and drink and have fun. What a diversity! Or even think about a DN only album :yum:


Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice.


veeery nice!