Digitone (DN+DT) only music


I agree, correct, thanks


Yes, it does sound like a vocoder. It fooled me. :+1:


I’ve got a new video up. It’s a Digitone only performance by yours truly.
It’s moody Ambient Electronica but gets quite gritty at times.
I ran it through my TC Finalizer.
Please give it a like on YouTube if you like it.


Really nice this one!


Really like this. Great sounds and nice vibe/energy.


For fun on a sunday:

Po-speak sampled into DT -> DN:
>> Wunderbar <<


Killer work!



Thanks! That means a lot


Made a track on the Digitone:

One can listen to it on all the streaming services as well:


This features the Digitone (on the right side). I think I used the dissonant world sound pack. Two voices, not sequenced. It’s not the only instrument, but it’s the only synth. I hope it’s ok to post it here?


I guess the piano is the non-DN stuff? It’s a nice piece, especially when the sub bass comes in at the end of the track.


Yeah, piano and some strings on the left. Glad you like the sub bass part, I nearly cut it.


Found this and just need to link it :slight_smile:


Frontline Digitone-sembly. :smiley:


Jammed with a buddy who’s an excellent keyboard player. We came up with this.




Only 45 seconds, it’s part of a liveset so I recorded it on PC in a short “demo” format just to show. It’s kinda way far from my usual type of music but I like it, it’s really fun to jam with this and ctrl-all.

DT: drums & voices
DN: synths