Digitone (DN+DT) only music


I’m very much a lurker here but your jams made me come out of hiding. So bloody good… Thanks for sharing!


So good. bravo.


Digitakt->Digitone->Analog Heat.
Also included some recording from Asia, this year recorded with H1.


First time inputting to this.the track is no masterpiece but here You go … Listen to Buzz Face - I Wanna Love You Edit 1 by eoghan - pressplay dj’s #np on #SoundCloud


Cranked out two little IDM jams today – Digitone only, but recorded through a multiband compressor patch and a crusty old Boss mixer.


Damn, this thread…

I sold my Digitone and my Digitakt has been lonely. It was so easy to find inspiration on for tracks but I didn’t like programming my own patches on it… I’m going to buy one again during Black Friday (I’ve got a Peak and OB-6 to keep me company for now), but the DN is a keeper.


Great that you have an OB-6. It’s the synth right on the top of my wish list. Are you happy with it?
Still the DN is the heart of my setup and the best synth I’ve ever owned or used. I find a lot of fine sounds by accident and now that I know it well it’s quite easy to make new sounds on.


heres another one i did with the DT and DN , Samples were taken from a old irish record called lanagans ball by the bards which was a hit in 1980, I had planned to do a lot more sampling with it but in the end just took some vocals sampled into the DT,Also could have done a lot more to the track as it fairly receptive, Anyway here you go


Here is another one I did with DT and dn, samples were taken from a old Irish record called lanagans ball by the bards in 1980.i had planned to do a remix but ended up just taking some vocal samples instead by sampling the record straight into the the DT. I also could have doning more work to the track as it’s a bit repetitive. Any way feel free to check it out. Listen to Lanagans break by eoghan - pressplay dj’s #np on #SoundCloud


Quick one on instagram using the digitwins.

I think I’ll track out all the individual parts to Ableton to make a full track later on.


Yeah I sold mine and regret it too :smirk:


Just a jam… (:


Cool. 'lashings of punch…" - ah sure Julia!
Next time I want to hear some more bodhran influenced perc.

And then a remix of this or this (Liam O’Flynn though!).


defo should have sampled a bit more from it :slight_smile:


My little revisitation of Game Of Thrones theme :slight_smile:

I used Yamaha MODX only for strings, all the rest is only digitone :hearts:


It reminds me of the original System Shock. I can pictured myself creeping around the corridors of Citadel Station to this.


WTF, hat takes me way back, lol. I actually played that game back in the day you know, and IMHO it’s still right up at the top where storytelling and atmosphere is concerned, so that’s a badge of honor for me hehe.


serious programming here :heat:


Thank you! Was happy enough with these to chuck em up on bandcamp too: https://hotpissofficial.bandcamp.com/album/snake-report-2


Really solid! Could you share some knowledge about how are you doing it? Are you using any sound packs?