Digitone (DN+DT) only music


On this track, you have a DT into a DN into an AH into a Zoom H1. A little bit of compression has been done in the end.


DT+DN is all I’ve got, so here’s one recent jam :slight_smile:



Really nice Sound! Great Tune!


Vielen Dank!


This sounds really good!


Killer work!


Thanks man!


sounds great indeed. Love the A4 pad


Thank you! :slight_smile:




Very nice!


DN + DT plus Largo.


Yes! That video is nice dude.
How do you call the second dance style?


Here’s a jam for jamuary that I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


All Digitone, performed live directly into my Tascam DR40. No overdubs, no processing, raw as fuck.

Not really a finished track, more a jam that got out of hand.

Updated it with a slightly improved performance.


this is fantastic. stop drawing me into buying a DN ffs :wink:


There is only one way to stop these urges…

For what it’s worth: absolutely my favourite purchase of 2018 :wink:


DT + DN with just a little mix bus processing.


Starting to find some very nice sounds in this thing :smiley: