Digitone (DN+DT) only music




This is a revisitation of Jingle Bells in minor key :slight_smile:

A dark, slow version!

Hope you like it!


Here’s a cover of Perel’s “Die Dimension” made on a Digitakt and Digitone.
Die Dimension cover

Perel was featured in a recent Elektronauts article here.


Hello all.
A new DuoTone Adventures sketch with my dual Digitone setup.
Recorded live in one take with Ableton Live 10.
Some audio enhancements en compression with iZotope Ozone 8.

I hope you’ll like this one…


I hope I can break the rules a bit. Here’s the DN+A4 with the DN doing melodies and the A4 doing percussion.


Radiohead mini cover. Digioteque


Happy holidays, y’all.


Happy holidays everyone. Made using only the Digitakt and Digitone.


Sick track…


Cool track. You should’ve posted it in the Christmas song thread too. Not too late since it’s extended till end of year now! :wink:


Thank you for your suggestion! These days I did not follow the forum much and I missed the thread … :slight_smile:


Today is my 4th week with the DN+DT…
Here’s a session from last week.


Little selection of some of my favorite patterns.


Some really nice patterns you’ve got there!


Thanks a lot!


Sounds really good!


Thank you :slight_smile:


This is my first song with the bros DN/DT.
I have them since few days…tried creating some patches but nothing worth to save on the hard drive.
So all factory sounds, first attempt to use the sequencer…



Another one from last night… DN+DT


Here’s another DN+DT session