Digitone (DN+DT) only music


DIGITON(E)LY…i really love this toy!


That’s really good!


This is what I bought a Digitone for.

Sounds like it’s alive. Brilliant!


Yeah that was freakin excellent. Great sounds!


Thanks guys!

Yeah, I’m very impressed with what it can do when really pushing the LFOs, and also the amazing track and master drive effects. It’s actually made me completely rethink the sound pack I’ve been working on! I may still release the “digital precision” sounds I’ve been working on, but shift focus to making a pack of organic sounds :smiley:


Another “meditation” This one’s a bit more heavy…


Very nice. I’m often jealous of tracks with vocals as they can be so much more sparse. I’d like to work with a vocalist at some point.


one of 3 tracks that are made only with digitone and digitakt: https://www.mixcloud.com/analogpoints/deviation/


Crisp! Lovely organic electric sounds :slightly_smiling_face:


Impressive… sounds great


Another great demonstration.

The Digitone really sounds like a dream synth to my ears.

Keep em coming!


Thanks guys! Yeah I want to make a few more of these, mostly as demos for my sound packs (which I’m still working on… slowly :stuck_out_tongue:)


Digitonly :slight_smile:


Next one in my series :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Always impressed by your stuff!


Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:


have a nice wkn:)



Made on a diggy tack and diggy tone.




My first track with Digitone + Digitakt

I love FM synthesis! :smiley: