Digitone and Digitone Keys 1.32

I don’t. But I’m in dev too. You don’t need an army of coders to do those kind of things. In fact, you’d be wise not to, but just bring in one or two ninjas and let them get to work.

So either Elektron’s got something new coming, or they’re really bad at scheduling.

I’m prepared to believe both statements are equally true :slight_smile:


THIS!! Track selection via Midi would be a very nice feature improvement for the midi auto channel

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i think it’s the cautiousness of elektron. every feature is well thought out before it’s integrated, better less than too much, i guess that’s why elektron products have the value they do.

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Damn it… my system with Overbridge was working fine till a couple of hours ago with this update… :rage:

So Overbridge Control Panel sees all 3 of my devices online (DN, AR, A4) but only the AR OB sees the device.

I’ve uninstalled OB 3 times now and reinstalled, same thing.

Anyone know what to do?

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They have another box for release

Analog series are here to stay for long time as well as digi series

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So it’s not just me! I noticed this earlier and assumed it was a hardware issue. It doesn’t move up in larger increments when pushed at the same time, right?

I guess the development of a platform (whatever it ends up being) is their first priority and we wouldn’t see it for a couple of years because of the whole complexity.

Then there is a firmware for a new box, which should be designed with no blocks for a future support of the mentioned platform. I will understand if current boxes wouldn’t get one — I think most of them are already capped by hardware and firmware limitations. But I can’t see them dropping support for a 1-3 year old hardware because they are a software company now.

And lastly there are firmware updates for existing boxes done by a small team during their “free time”.

With the new hires all three projects could easily take more time than expected.


Did they change something in the reverb sends? Seems a lot softer to my ears than before the update.

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Yeah, I don’t think it is.

I am a big fan of using multiple inputs and personally this resolved a lot of my main issues, especially surrounding dedicated FX sends ! :smiley: A super quick overview of how to set up dual mono and global FX / Mixer settings


Hmm, I will not update before Elektron fixes all the bugs. Its seems to be a really buggy one this time.

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I concur. The only bit that appeals is the dimmable LEDs, but not worth it if it introduces bugs. Happy with my stable Digitone.

Some FM updates would be nice…



Real fanboys use the update, bugs and all.


lol, using new firmware on non-critical devices in my life is one of the few times i don’t worry too much about risk-aversion.


If i get it correctly, the Drive/Overdrive can be applied twice to audio tracks (per track + Master Overdrive) but can’t be applied independently to an Input?

So there’s no way to have some overdive FX affecting only the Input?

Do you mean that the Main/FX track is also dual mono when using overbridge?

Previously, the all FX from every channel would get mixed up in the Main/FX track when in overbridge mode. (Audio 1 + 2)

All tracks would also print out their dry signal in other lanes, but the MAIN/FX track was dedicated to the Main and fully wet FX - just as you would hear on headphones.

It’d be great to be able to treat Ext-1 with reverb & delay, and not have it mix over with Ext-2’s reverb & delay when streaming via overbridge.

Ext-1 will still print dry in another lane, so would Ext-2… but it’d be cool to be able to master the FX individually if needed.

I hope this makes sense… since not that many people will know the answer to this.