Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist]


In the trig page I’ve got norrmal lenght Never set to infinite


I understand :slight_smile: I wondered if you double checked that it isn’t locked to infinite by mistake on the trig that triggers the arp.

And release on the amp page isn’t set to infinite either?


Ah NM release doesn’t influence it in that way


Nope Dave… Normal settings :frowning:


Very strange. So if you lock the trig length to say 32, it still keeps on going forever on the next pattern?
I cannot replicate this. It keeps going here but stops after the trig length is reached.


I am also having a similar problem. Record, Play, Stop suddenly stop working mid sequence, after I have been changing patterns and manipulating parameters to play live. It’s as if I have pressed a certain combination of keys by mistake and entered a new menu where I can’t stop the pattern.

Anyone have solutions to this? Thanks


the encoder sensetivity of the B operator is way to high, a quarter turn is enough to get from min to max, if im turning slow. Using press and turn, which normaly accelerates the setted values, makes no sense at all here, as its so fast its just jumping from min to max. also while i was investigating this, ive found that lot of values need more or less turns to reach min max. not coherent at all. but opB is the most ridiculous one.
I reported this as a bug, but they said its normal…


Yeah the B operator control is frustrating. I wonder if they could change it so FUNC+turn only affects the top (or bottom) ratio…


absolutely true I don’t have micro timing control of my fingers!:slightly_smiling_face:


just had that freeze where the transport buttons act like you have function held down. can only copy paste n delete, can’t stop or play.
os 1.10.
DN as master in a simple 2 unit midi setup.


I had my first actual freeze a few days ago. I was programming in song mode and my machine just locked up. I had to reboot it to get it working again.


Is this freezing normal? I mean is it a software bug or hardware? Can it be fixed with a new update or do I need to send the machine back?


song mode on DN euh? you have a special machine!


Loving the Digitone, just picked it up and been experimenting over thanksgiving weekend.

But I notice that there is a bug(?) that seems to effect the track volumes.

I keep trying to change the volume of the different tracks with the Level/Data knob, but it is not effecting the tracks!

It is changing on the UI but the volumes are not changing… Anyone else get this problem?



never had this one, but I have many others

No midi connected, being on lfo page it now shows more often the destinations by itself without touching the machine!


You should really exchange your unit at this point. Or at least contact elektron support with your issues. They would at least be able to tell you whether it’s hardware or firmware bugs causing the problems.


Is the DSP freeze issue on boot up just considered a ‘known bug’ by Elektron?


Yes i think so


Posted this in the wrong thread. Should have been in the AR2 thread. I wish I had a DN with song mode though.


Let’s get back on topic please.

This thread is exclusive to Digitone bugs.

Thank you!