Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist]


I think I’ve found a bug (with a gig tomorrow… ) There’s is an arpeggio bleeding in the next pattern and there’s is no way to stop It… I tried to insert a note of at the end of the pattern with the arpeggio, but still bleeding into the next that plays its track with his sound together with the previous arpeggio… Only stopping the pattern I can avoid the overlapping sounds… Weird


Mentioned before, but also noticed this myself this week: delay send on external is not working, not sure reverb is send in full. Chorus send seems to work fine on ext in.


Have you tried playing the same root note again? I think that stops it, though I may be wrong.


Yes tried to play manually a note but still no way to stop the arpeggio from the previous pattern…


is the arpeggio started by a note with infinite lenght?
i reported the problem as a bug, but they told me it works as intended :smiley: they should implement a stopping funktion, track + stop or smth.


I’m aware of that setting ( infinite lenght ) but not my case…


jeah i think i had the same problem sometimes too, when i changed pattern the arp got stuck


I see… Its a pain in the ass and have a gig this evening…


file a bug report thats all you can do :confused:


Found that track 3 causes my issue. If I have an arp going on that track, Its more likely It bleeds in the next cued track pattern…


Of course that’s what I’ve done now I’m sure that’s a bug… could you e.nauts try to replicate it? thanx
A proper note off would be handly…


When I’m changing pattern the arp stops, only with a inf note it’s playing on the next pattern.

Can you mute the track on the next pattern and deactivate the arp manually when setting the arp mode to “no”?


Is that arp in track3 ?


Also checked with track 3, it works here


Tried to mute the next track with no arp but the arp is still there… Way more weird


My last “idea” would be saving a copy of the project and then power it off for 30secs and try your orginal and copy project again. Maybe there is a freeze somehow :confused:


Tried with no luck…


Just to be sure , infinite length is not pattern locked to the step that triggers the arp?
Amp envelope release also not set to infinite?


Infinite lenght is not lockable…I mean in the arp menu


I’m talking about the trig page. Length is of course lockable.