Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist]


yes, made a ticket with some vids attached, now waiting for a decent answer! I certainly won’t buy another new Elektron, I lost the trust in them!


I also opened a ticket, this is a pretty big bug to go unmentioned and not be fixed in a long time…
I know they have their hands full with Overbridge issues, but Jez, we buy hardware to avoid software crashes!!


thanks for opening tickets :+1:

  1. The Master Page CC’s conflict with other CC’s found on individual Tracks (Input-L and Filter Resonance, for example). They also send out on the respective selected Track Channel, which makes no sense? I think the Master Page should utilize the FX or Auto channel, as I thought these 8 parameters are a global thing and not set per track.

  2. Some parameters in the manual which are listed as being high-res (Filter Base, Filter Width, Amp Pan and Syn1-Feedback) don’t output any high-res CC’s


I think i found one today: On a MIDI track i activated a CC knob to control a Filter on an external synth. For performance i saved the PATTERN to TEMP (quick save). I then changed the CC value and pressed RELOAD. The CC value jumped back to the saved pattern state, but the reloaded CC value wasn’t send to the external synth.

I think for this “save ptn > tweak cc > reload” to work, any CC has to resubmitted after the pattern is reloaded.


Re: Transport buttons acting like the function button is pressed.

Had the same thing happen too. No idea which key combination does it. I have noticed it happens when I am muting/immuring tracks rapidly (Fn + Track). Only way to solve is to restart the machine.


FYI the response to my ticket (dsp error lock up on start up) was that they ‘think’ it is a software issue not hardware and they haven’t found a fix but it’s on their list…they also said to try reinstalling the OS so I will try that this weekend and report…


Thanks. Have experienced the same (avg 1 in 20). Tried reformat, empty and factory reset, no difference. Will also try 1.10 reinstall.


This week i received good news from elektron, will be in a next firmware update…
this is what the reported to me:

We have just figured out what causes REC/PLAY/STOP to sometimes act as COPY/CLEAR/PASTE TRK SOUND. The issue can be recreated by holding down a track button, holding down FUNC and then releasing the track button before FUNC is released. Cycling through all tracks gets you out of this state. Our developers are working on a firmware fix and hopefully it will be released soon, but since the issue is caused by a faulty button press combination you should be able to avoid it now that you are aware. Thanks for reporting and please let me know if you have any questions!


several crashes in my liveset last weekend. sucks badly. nothing connected to digitone.


Bug: Pitch bend doesn’t reset properly when you release it

  • Take a new project and externally trigger the default sound and another reference pitch in your daw (piano, synth, etc). It will sound in tune…now use any pitch bend wheel and release…The Digitone’s oscillators don’t reset to true 0 and you will be out of tune until you reboot the machine.


got a brand new machine after the first one had hardware issues. First days it was behaving correctly, yesterday I had a freeze again. When making a pattern with soundlocks only on all four tracks, including Fill and prob.trigs the machine freeze/crashed and had to powercycle! pfff Is this known as a software bug?


what did you do? Send it back for repair? Or is this crashing behaviour software/firmware related?


filed a bug, they wanted to know more stuff but didnt had time to investigate so far. im also a bit tired of investigating bugs i have to say.


if it crashes 2 much with nothing midi attached like mine did, just return it. Had the same issues with my first unit.

Found another weird bug:

set BPM to 30, place few notes, add some long decay reverb, some delay, just go crazy, and go ¨Plocking some notes with different LFO settings, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah could keep on listening to this shit BUT…
-When pushing stop twice to cut all sounds, we can hear a fraction of a second sound! It does not cut instantly all sounds like it should be when playing on for example 120bpm!


2nd freeze (again)! I pressed some unknown combo accidently and copy paste was acting not normal, went mad and pushed some other buttons and couldn’t stop pattern anymore, got a freeze/crash, powercycled and now the page/fill works again?


If im controlling the digitone via usb midi from an iphone (link to midi) i lose realtime stop messages from a 5 pin input. Other cc messages will transmit throught the 5 pin but realtime messages will be ignored ie not merged. Is this a bug?

I also posted this question here: Digitone Midi/Realtime Transport Control


It’s not often, but sometimes when I work in a pattern and I have sounds loaded into the tracks the sounds on some tracks get completely silent for no reason all of a sudden. It doesn’t work to change the sound. Three tracks out of four got silent tonight in a pattern. And when a track goes silent it seems that it remains that way because it happened 6 months ago on a project and it’s still silent. The tracks are not muted or anything like that and I can’t get any sound no matter if I place trigs or if I try to play.

Does someone else have this problem?



Are you sure it’s not a global mute?


Was hoping they would drop a new OS already : [