Digitone 1.02: bug reports


You encountered something wrong in DN OS 1.02 and want to check if others can replicate it?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on elektron.se if they have not already been confirmed below.

Digitone 1.01 : bug reports
Digitone is now shipping
Digitone BUG
Digitone 1.01 : bug reports

Freezing twice in 5 mins, had to reboot it…
Never happened before the 1.02 OS.


I see in 1.02 that DRV in the AMP page now has finer granularity. This helps tame the audible click when moving from or to the 0 position (turning it on or off) but it still happens. FYI.


I got the same thing. Entered notes while arp was running and it froze. Have also had some issues when copying a tracks sound to another track.


I think I found a small bug in 1.02 : when you are in midi mode and enter the sound setup menu (func+trig) and try to change the pitch bend depth or the octave setting by ±1, it will leave the menu immediately so that you to have to renavigate and do the same thing again. this is not the case on the digitone synth tracks and a little bit annoying


It’s still labelled as “Digitakt” when connecting with USB.


I can’t enable Turbo Speed.


Mine is called Digitone (C6, new os and reboot + mac reboot). The biggest news must be that the clicks and pops are gone! At last! No its the finset FM synt around. So no bugs for me then …


I’m pretty sure it’s not but is it normal to see the sequencer progression lights running while in chromatic mode?


My mistake, after a reboot, it’s labelled as “Digitone”.
The clicks with the Arp seem to be gone indeed !
Now i consider that the Digitone as a working instrument.


I’m having issues where my Digitone will occasionally switch from global track length to a random individual configuration- anybody else experiencing this?


I seem to have hit a bug with 1.02 regarding pattern changes when slaved to the Digitakt. (I did file a support ticket with Elektron).


Digitakt as master (only clock/program change send, MIDI out via DIN to Digitone MIDI in).
Digitone as slave (only clock/program change receive).

Triggering a pattern change on the Digitakt from A01 to A02 correctly triggers the Digitone to move to pattern A02 at the end of my pattern length (64 steps).

However, when I attempt to trigger a pattern change on the Digitakt from A02 back to A01, it changes correctly but the Digitone remains on A02.

Has anyone else encountered this?


It’s not a bug. You have to change the change length in the page menu.


Yep, I figured it out, I had differing values for ch. len. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great! Spread the word! :slight_smile:


At this point I think we need a pinned thread, as it seems to be a common misunderstanding. I had pretty much the same troubles the first time I tried uneven track lengths on the OT.


In Mute Mode, when MIDI button is active, track light indicators pulse to the internal tracks instead of the MIDI tracks


Had a “DSP Boot Failure” message after installing both of the new OS. Today the message was also shown just 2min after I turned on the Digitone.


two bugs:

  1. sounds from the soundpool get messed up when you shift the pattern to either side!
  2. when sending program changes via octatracks parts its still one pattern late.


did you try to change the ch.lenght (change length) in the page menu of the DN (or DT, or…)?
first you have to change to length per track.
put in 16 (or 8) or whatever the minimum length of your pattern should be.
i didnt try it with the octatrack - but usually it works - and then its a feature.