Digitone 1.01 : bug reports


I don’t think so. Monomachine has fm and crazy arp settings/lfo and I have never heard one click from that machine ever. I’m convinced its a bug that will get sorted eventually.


…me again… after another 20minutes of noodling around with it…and another three!!! break downs…still…what a machine!..really!

BUT…all this clicking and popping, that MUST be relateted with the voicing, all that dynamic voice sharing/stealing somehow…

is indeed, an absolut NO GO…!!!..kills ALL the possible fun and beauty of this machine…

if i would’nt be a fan of yours, still believing in you, i’d give it right back straight away…really…good that this is not my first elektron experience…
because this time it’s even worse than with the dtakt…

so please, catch up with this…hear u in spring latest, with good news, hopefully…otherwise i can’t hold up my trust any longer…

ps…really wonder how u produced all this fancy demo trax with it…
have them both running a single pattern each in the background at the moment, and i can actually SEE the popps and clicks on my metric halo
inputs clipping the overall signal…yup, it’s that bad overhere, right now…

…and one more thing…just stumbled over the „…turn down the external inputs for avoiding pops and clicks for now…“ tip…
…can’t confirm this…yes, indeed, it’s changing the clickings, but the pops don’t give a shit and keep on popping and clipping the interface inputs…

…oh, man…muted the the arp track…some clicking went away…and then…without even touching it…all suddenly freezed up…one ugly tone remains…turn off…turn on…here we go, one more time…oh, i see me doing this again and again the next weeks…thanx for this one, really…
i should have waited…


…good sign or bad sign, if i can repeat the freeze hangin on remaining with one ugly tone left, each time i mute the arp track again after rebooting…?
well, at least the reboots work…damn.

same with external in’s dropped down…

come on…total freeze up each time, i mute that arp track i got here on t2…?..really?
and it’s each time after i muted the track, it takes one and a half more rounds, while not touching it again, just watching, then freezes…then weeeeeeeeeeeps…stops and freezes at the exact same time signature in the pattern each time…one and a half rounds later…

ok, this MUST BE SORTED BEFORE SPRING…and now i shut up, finally…your turn, elektron…


I had a crash in the arp this morning too.

that sounds like a euphemism but I assure you it is not.


When you say “out of the box” have you checked what firmware is installed. Mine arrived with 1.00 and I got some freezes and crashes but since updating to 1.01 it hasn’t crashed once. Just a thought…


I’m on 1.01 and the arp clicks and causes crashes.

de facto


This is very good sign. The kind of bug that is easy to fix, because one can replicate it.
It means you can write a very precise anomaly declaration to Elektron support so that this bug is crushed by next update.


Is it ? it’s supposed to be fixed, according to the 1.01 log…


arps are unusable for recording on 1.01 on my DN.
apart from arps it seems pretty stable.


I just got a reply from support to my ticket.
Theyre currently looking into the Arp clicks n crash issues, though there’s no timeframe as of yet for when a fix will be released.


Great !
Hopefully they’ll fix it quick. That’s frustrating.


Hi there,
Just received my DN last weekend, I upgraded it to 1.01.
I’m having trouble synchronizing it with my Daw (Cubase). Once I make the usual settings, its tempo will drift all the time. DN tempo info on the display will go from 119,5 to 120,01, to 121, and so on (assuming the master clock tempo is 120).
The connections are: Windows 7, Cubase, USB directly connected to DN, and Cubase sending clock sync to DN.
Hope this can be solved in a future OS update.
None of my other machines, A4, AR (1st gen), Virus desktop, etc., have this problem as they stay perfectly in sync with Cubase’s tempo.


Annoying Clip bug (without external inputs use). I did a video…

Anyone reported the same? (I opened a ticket)https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LVUTRIZ5H37FCrVvgJXV2BXbJ7pugHYc/view?usp=sharing


midi slave to DT. DN transport controls act like function is pressed. pressing rec copies sound, play clears sound etc.
had to reboot. fine after reboot.


Two bugs with PB and Mod Wheel from a MIDI Keyboard :

  1. They just don’t work.
  2. Despite what’s said in the manual, to affect a destination, pushing the encoder doesn’t work. Pressing YES does work.


What, there’s an arp in this thing??

No wonder I haven’t encountered major bugs, never used the arp (yet)

I would imagine most functions that are identical to DT to work also in the DN, I am suspecting their OS codebase has identical sections in it…


Not sure who you’re replying to.

But as soon as i use the Arp, i’ve got clicks at the beginning of notes.


If a sound has been erased, selecting the track in a pattern would display the original name, but the actual sound is the default one.


How the heck did Dataline/Cenk do all those rad demos at NAMM with all these bugs in the machine?!?

He was jamming with the arp etc for ages in one video.

Do you think they have a stripped back stable OS they use for NAMM etc?

If he was using the 1.0 he must of been so nervous it was going to crash on video (though I guess most media places would cut that out for Elektron)


yea perhaps. same could be said for the DT namm vids, it functioned flawlessly, and they used a fairly rudimentary OS for the demos. no midi i think, etc.

Certain sounds seem to enduce the clicks more than others with the DN arp. maybe they were steering clear of some kindsa sounds for the demos too. I could be wrong but.