Digitone 1.01 : bug reports

You encountered something wrong in OS 1.01 and want to check if others can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on elektron.se if they have not already been confirmed below.


Pattern changes do not follow Octatrack on time (same as the bug in Digitakt).

  • Set the Ocatrack to send program changes on any channel to the Digitone.
  • Set the Digitone to receive program changes on the same or auto channel.
  • Start playing the Octatrack with Digitone in sync (clock sync).
  • Switch the pattern on the Octatrack and notice that the Digitone does not change patterns with the Octatrack in time. The Digitone waits until it has played back another loop before changing patterns as if it received the change command too late and now has to wait until the loop has completed again before changing patterns.

Ticket submitted.

Elektron confirmed this is a bug and said it will be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:


Ran into two issues:

  • 1.00 - could not upgrade OS via USB (ticket #20776)
  • Audible crackles/pops when using audio input on 1.01 (ticket #20777)

I haven’t yet found a way to predictably reproduce the audible clicks on another pattern yet, but the saved pattern on which it happens has two tracks (T1 and T3) with very simple patches, both are sending to the reverb as is the audio input. The arpeggiator is running on T1. The clicks are still audible when the input is all the way down, but barely.

Here’s a video:

Here’s the sounds:
ticket20777_sound_t1.syx (339 Bytes)
ticket20777_sound_t3.syx (339 Bytes)

@EugeneM Suggested the pops might be due to the voice limit being reached so I re-tested with the number of voices fixed for each track to 3, 2, and 1 and this did not have an effect. Not a bad theory though, was worth a shot.

EDIT 2: This happens even when nothing is plugged into the inputs. I thought maybe it was something electrical, so I isolated the power supply to a different surge protector, different outlet, etc. Tried powering off everything else nearby. And what’s worse is the issue seems to have lept over to my Digitakt. Noticed it when I was sampling something.


god damn that sounds nice (clicks included lol)

Play a default sound on a track, twist the overdrive button on master page. Audible click when going on to off or off to on.

Confirmed, only mine only does it when going from on to off.

EDIT: Did you open a ticket?

Yep Ticket open, I have to add that it seems to happen anywhere with the overdrive.

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Will the Digitone receive program change messages in sync from the OT or does it suffer from the DT bug that causes patterns to play a sequence late?


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Same issue, it doesn’t change in sync.


New one: Powered up and got “DSP BOOT FAILURE” on screen.

Powered cycled and DN booted normally. Has not happened since. I’m going to wait for it to recur before opening a bug report to see if I can nail the conditions down. I sort of panicked and rebooted instead of examining what was connected, if anything was responsive, etc.



Had an issue last night where the keyboard could no longer be transposed up and down octaves. Happened after having having set the scale and key.

Got a reply from @Ess :

Hi, This is due to the fact that the overdrive (both track and master) is completely OFF (bypassed) at setting 0. This can cause a click when activated. Not sure if we can improve upon this behavior, but it’s not a bug. Regards, Simon M


Hi Digitonauts,

Does anyone knows how to play an external synth with a midi keyboard plugged into DN ? I can play the internal tracks but not the external one. What is strange is that there is a midi channel selection for external track in System/midi.


Thank a lot !

What I usually do is setting the keyboard to play on DN auto channel (e.g. 14)
Then I select the MIDI track that must control the external device (e.g. track 9).
This MIDI track can have its own MIDI channel (e.g. 5) as long as it’s the same as the device you wish to control.

And before this the MIDI/sync settings must be properly configured of course.

Another possibility is to configure MIDI settings so that your MIDI track (9 in my example above) is set to channel 9 : this way you can set your keyboard to play on channel 9 directly without having to give the focus to MIDI channel 9.
This is more suitable if you wish to play your external device while messing with DN parameters.

I don’t have the DN yet so I can’t test this unfortunately.

This is exactly how octatrack works, I control Radias and other stuff like this ! But I can’t do the same on DN. :thinking:

Mmm, weird. I was indeed describing OT behavior, I have absolutely no idea how it works on DN, but from the manual it seems pretty close to OT behavior

[p.62] AUTO CHANNEL selects the MIDI channel that gives access to the currently active track. If an exter- nal MIDI keyboard connected to Digitone sends MIDI data on this channel, the keyboard controls the active track. This function is useful when you want to change quickly between the active synth tracks to play di erent sounds. The Digitone also uses the AUTO channel to record to the MIDI tracks from external MIDI controllers.

What do you mean exactly ? Would you mind taking a picture of this ?

Yeah, I find it weird, I have MnM, Octa, and this is the first machine where it doesn’t work. DT also have a strange midi routing, you can not pass thru to external channel, you have to use autochannel, which is really not handy in live situation.

To complete the DN midi issue, here are image of System / Midi Config / Channels :

During my testing, I found an other feature/stuff : when selecting sound (double tap track) into the pool, you have to put your external keyboard on autochannel, otherwise it only work with the DN keys.

And I will launch a ticket, cause I found other bugs with fnct+syn menu (I succeed to repeat it, but I don’t understand, TRIG button appears violet sometimes) :

"MIDI 4 CHANNEL -> 8" means if you set your external keyboard to 8, you should access directly the MIDI track #4, without having to set the focus on it. Same as OT.
If you have a Keystep for instance, you can easily switch midi channels so it’s more convenient than accessing DN MIDI auto channel that prevent you to tweak the box while playing notes.

This is exactly what I’m doing but it’s clearly NOT working ! My midi tracks are set like this :
-> Into Midi config/Channels
Midi 1 channel 5
Midi 2 channel 6
Midi 3 channel 7
Midi 4 channel 8
Autochannel = 10
-> On each midi track, inside [SYN1] page (function+push encoder to activate), exactly the same :
Midi 1 = 5
Midi 2 = 6
Midi 3 = 7
Midi 4 = 8

I can fast changing the midi channel on my external keyboard (Roland A49), this is what I am doing with OT. So with channel 5,6,7,8 or 10, I can not play external synth ! I can access each individual sound on 1,2,3,4 and 10 (with internal track selected).

Even stranger : when you have into Midi config/Channels : Midi 1 channel = 5 and into midi 1 track [syn] page channel 6, the sequencer play that channel 6 when the DN key play 5, it quite a mess and it means you can not have different channel selection between different pattern …

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