Digitone 1.01 : bug reports


Sorry, I didn’t read this thread completely. The clicks in your setup are caused by DTo, right?

Here is an audio example of the clicks. Beat is from DT, melodies and chords ( and clicks :wink: ) from the DTo:


Yeah. Mine is exactly the same as that. Same sort of irregular thing, where it does not happen on every repeat, but does happen at specific times in loops. Typically when a lot of voices are being used


Sounds like this. Kick is from DT. Even tried muting the DT, but as long as the inputs on DTo are turned on, it does this.


Your audio example doesn’t seem to work. I can’t hear anything.


Yeah I dont really know whats up with that. Buggy bug reporting ;p


No audio. No clicks. Easy solution :yum:


The clicking issue is being looked into. Thanks for your reports. :thup:


I am in Bank C Pattern 1. When I preselect another pattern, it blinks in the display, showing that a change will come, but it stays on pattern 1. When I stop the pattern and play another (ie 2), then I can preselect pattern 3 and it will change. This works for all other pattern selects. Only pattern one does not change to the preselected pattern.


Holy shit that is really bad! Aargh that would drive me crazy. Might put the preorder on hold for 2nd or 3rd batch now.

Welp Elektron, after the DT fiasco I’m kind of scared of this… I hope it doesn’t take another year to address this click problem because this is a 100% deal breaker :persevere::pensive:

My preorder is paid off at the music shop, i wonder if Elektron rep would agree to refund the unit if this issue isn’t fixed in x number of months? Here we only have a 30 day return window, then your stuck with the unit. I want to pick it up when it arrives, but…

Love the music though, sounds real nice


when pressing func and syn to enter the arp menu, the syn button light is pink/purple and not blue, is that a normal behavior or a bug ?


in C6, Digitone is recognized as “Digitakt” :sweat_smile:


Not sure if you noticed, but Simon already replied above:

After the issue has been acknowledged by development it doesn’t do any good to brow beat them over it, I’m sure they’re as frustrated about it as any DN owner. We may have paid some money for the box, but they put months of their hard work into it and are surely now putting equal work into trying to correct these issues and make sure people stay happy with the machine.

DN has been in owners’ hands for less than a week. The only thing constantly bugging Simon is going to do is make him not want to talk to us on the forum. :slight_smile: Just ask Chris Hector from DSI.


Please write a ticket to Elekton support !


I reported this issue (on a related ticket about not being able to update via USB) and Elektron has acknowledged it. (Ticket 20776)

Elektron Support Said:

The USB MIDI shares the same code on the Digitone as the Digitakt. It reports correctly in windows but not in macOS. I have reported this to the developers.


Confused me alot, made me spend 1h restarting/downloading C6, but it workred inspite wrong name …:roll_eyes:


found something which is kind of annoying… if you have an arp with overlapping triggers parameter locking does not work anymore. the implementation seems to me that the active notes get added up in the arp, and take the parameters from the first trigger which starts the arp. nothing after that has an influence to the sound. would be nice if you could still change values per step.


so just noticed this happen when syn button is already light up in red, accessing arp menu turn it to purple, is this normal ?


did not receive my digitone yet but it should be green/blue like the printing “arp menu”, no?


it is but if you do access the arp menu while already on the syn page : blue + red = purple


Not brow beating, just voicing concern. I hope as much as the next person this is fixed soon. The other bugs are all liveable but this one imo is really not… just saying that
A. Hope it’s an easy fix
B. Hope it gets fixed soon

I’m not attacking Simon or Elektron, just that I just put $1100 down for this wonderful box and sharp white noise bursts really are a showstopper. But it’s been acknowledged by Simon which is a great thing, I will wait eagerly for news on this one. And like I said in my first post, I will push back my preorder to the next batch while I wait for news. Surprised this one wasn’t caught in beta. Hope it’s not a serious bug in the engine.

I guess you could say I’m a little wary after waiting so long for DT updates (OB/backup) (it’s been more than a year now yeah?)

Edit: deleted me asking Simon for updates on eta directly, as it seemed to upset folks.
I guess it’s not the done thing on this forum to talk to Elektron staff directly