Digitone 1.01 : bug reports


Sure, I understand! They’re really digging into it and have found the source of the clicking as far as I understand, so hopefully should be fixed soon. It’s related to the external inputs, so keep those levels down for now.


That’s great news Simon, thanks :+1:


so is this a bug or what ?


On the Mac, this problem can be easily fixed:

  • Make sure the DTo is not connected to your Mac.
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup of OS X.
  • Go to the MIDI window and delete the Digitakt icon.
  • Reconnect the DTo.
  • From now on, the DTo will be recognized as Digitone.


In the next DT update too?

I put in a support ticket but had no answer :frowning:


In fact this solves problems with other MIDI gear as well. It’s the first thing to try on a Mac with MIDI.


I get clicking when external input levels are are all down. Not often but does happen.


I can replicate clicking with input levels down, but only when voice stealing is in action., for example with all tracks having arp. methink thats “normal”. cutting a wave can result i clicking. careful with fm, probably not the same with A4 cause of analog osc, I may be wrong.


Have same problem with clicks :frowning:


From the Digitone manual :

[TRIG] key (hold) + [UP/DOWN], opens the RETRIG menu and turns retrig on and sets the retrig RATE for
the trig (when in GRID RECORDING mode).

But I cannot get any RETRIG settings up when in grid recording. It displays/edits the set note in a keyboard overlay.


Guys, I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I’m having a weird issue. When I’m sequencing the DN from the DT, then overdrive automatically jumps to 0.78. The DT is sending no CC data, no LFO running on DN. The encoder works perfectly fine. Any idea what the issue could be? Thanks in advance.


I remember seeing somewhere that this issue would be address in the next Digitakt update as well but I don’t know where. The code between the two seems to be somewhat married (especially with the sequencer). It’s a good chance if something on the sequencer gets fixed on one the other (DT) will get the same treatment. This is made somewhat clear by the fact that the Digitone has the same sequencer bugs as the Digitakt. I think chances are good!


With a MIDI keyboard connected and the Arp on the KB Chord feature only appears to work from the DN trigs keys and not the MIDI keyboard. Whereas with KB Chord off the Arp runs OK from the MIDI keys.

Is this a bug? I don’t see why it couldn’t/shouldn’t work.


With more than 2 voices assigned to a track and an arp pattern playing the LFO’s dont affect all voices. e.g. if there is a slow filter sweep then only 2 voices are affected by the LFO and others voices play without affected LFO destinations. Sounds bad, took my ages to work out what was happening.

I’ve tried the same with a normal sequence using more than 2 voices (chords) and LFO affects all as it should.


chords n scales only working from the DN keyboard is not a bug. they mentioned that behavior in a namm vid.


Mmmm should be declared yet, imo.
And the one above for sure, @lostforwords ! Nice one you fished there !!


I am guessing that the Elektron folks used bits from the Digitakt manual and forgot to edit this. I think this is a bug with the manual, not the DN. (as nice as retrig would be to have, seems that combo had to be used for something else.)


Does anyone know what a pink/purple track light (T2 in my case) means?

  • I’m not getting any sounds from the recorded notes during playback
  • Playing onboard keys or via Midi keyboard does makes sound
  • Voices are allocated OK (or wouldn’t play live notes either)
  • Mutes are off (pattern and global) (ditto)

Can’t see anything in the manual about pink or purple status. No idea why there’s no sound from recorded trigs!

Bug? Or help please.


Eureka… kind of… Pressing [PTN] + [T1] ,[T2],[T3] or [T4] mutes the track and makes the track button pink as I described. There’s no mention of this key combination in the manual and it’s strange that there would be another mute method to the normal [FUNC] + [T1] method.


No. It’s the 4 track buttons I’m talking about. T1, T2 etc. Not the trig keys.