Digitakt wont start


Maybe Elektron should start shipping these with an on/off/on/off/on/off switch instead of an on/off switch.

Or a maybe on/off switch.


Same here. DT will not power on, black screen. Waited 30 minutes and booting again. Seems like a lot of people having this problem. What to do about it? I’m gonna e-mail Elektron, hope everybody do this.


Got it back. So happy! But a little worried about ever using it in a live situation.


I had this happen yesterday. I have had my digitakt for 2 weeks. I hope this isn’t a continuing issue. I may call the store I bought it from and ask for a different unit if it happens again.


I just saw a guy last saturday that has to cancel his show because his Digitakt wont start. This is so sad


Yes I think this is the probable cause- I read something about static discharging awhile back regarding HP laptops, same method- remove battery, hold down power button 10 seconds, replace, reboot.

Speaking of transistors, apparently, there are more transistors in use today than all the leaves on every tree on the planet.


Guys, just got mine. It wont power up. I left it all night and still nothing.
What to do? I will try to switch cords from my friends takt later on. If nothing happens whatt to do next? Its second hand so whats the procedure to send it to Elektron for repairment.
Please help:(


Your first port of call obviously should be the seller. If they are not cooperative, check out https://www.elektron.se/support/ In a nutshell you have to create an account and then you can log support tickets. Elektron support is exceptional and will guide you through the process. Reponse time could be a little longer than usual due to NAMM, but that is mere speculation on my side. Good luck!


I had exactly the same problem with my Digitone. Just had it for less than a week and didn’t turn on anymore.
I measured the power plug with a voltmeter… nothing. After some time measured it again … 12V. Plugged it into the Digitone but nothing. Then I measured the plug again, again dead. Long story short:
There was a loose connection in the jack. I’ll get a new power plug from my seller. Maybe they have some troubles with production quality of these things.


Hi, I have the same problem … I bought the Digitakt two days ago …

I waited some seconds and it works again.