Digitakt v MPC Live: real buyers survey (UK£)

Good question, to which I do not have the answer ! I would certainly hope so, however. And going on a limb, i’m going to say most probably yes :slight_smile:

Oddly, I’m sorta glad I can’t afford any gear so I don’t even have to consider MPC or DT and just keep happily using my OT… :dizzy:
Even if I could, I’m quite sure I’d stick with OT…
Sorry Motty, I’m routing for a team that’s not even in the game! :wink:


In the mega thread I believe Simon confirmed that the Digitakt accepts incoming midi velocity.

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Sorry for the copy/paste rather than a link to the post, my phone is not liking that function.

Simon: 10d - They are not pads, they are mechanical keyboard buttons (high grade gaming type, linear action), so no velocity. The sequencer/sample playback however supports incoming MIDI velocity.


I preordered the DT because of the sound character it has. I think it has more immediate workflow towards sound design and that’s where I want to go. For the DAW style stuff I’ve got a Push + Ableton. I want an instrument not a mini DAW.

DT bought.

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MPC ordered.

Keen to check out the DT in person, but I love the Rytm, so the only thing I’m looking for with the DT is better sample management in overbridge for the Rytm!

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Mpc live for me but probably next year.

MPC Live

I own A4 and RYTM but this time am going AKAI- reasons in order…

Battery Power
Expandability (USB 3, internal SATA etc)
7 inch touch screen!
Audio tracks (DAW like recording)
Clips Track (Ableton Live type clip launching/composition)
Free MPC 2 software (looks like it may give NI Maschine a run for its money, loads as VST etc.) and of course LIVE acts a full controller- can sell my NI Micro!
10 Gig of content seems pretty good.
XY effects seem very good and a lot of fun
Price (und3er 800 quid seem like a real barging to me)
Already full how to use videos on line (watched 2 hours on ASK Audio so fully understand all aspects already and it seems pretty intuitive and definitely very powerful)

I have done my homework, watched very video on both products, for me the LIVE wins hands down, but perhaps that’s as I already have the RYTM as a standard drum machine…


After seeing all video’s, i am so happy i cancelled Mpc and preordered Digitakt. Mpc seems complext, i dont like thinking while making music.


DT owner here =)

Please, ladies & gentlemen.


agreed, so many options and settings. watching the mpc vids really reminds me of using maschine Studio, or ableton even.
dt seems so focused its not even funny :slight_smile:

I agree the MPC is more complex, but I think that is because it can do so much more (and if you don’t want all that other stuff I agree it would be totally pointless!) - its totally different thing to Digitakt I think…one is sequencer/drum machine, one is a ‘Music Production Centre’ which is pretty close to a full DAW in functionality- you cant plug your guitar or make in to Digiakt and lay down complete audio tracks for example.It may replace ableton/Maschine for me, not RYTM/A4

I have Maschine and find it pretty simple to use, it took me a hell of a lot longer to wrap my head around the A4 and RYTM (which I love, but jez, they were a nightmare to learn/use for me until I used them with Overbridge)

DTs a Machete
Live is a Swiss Army knife

in the jungle, you need both


I don’t make jungle…


Simple as that : )

I don’t live there : )


All music gear is awesome when compared to silence… :smile_cat:
When compared to each other it might just go on and on…
Motty, what’s going on? Half time show?

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Thanks for the reminder @Open_Mike I’ll wade through the discussion and pick out any new scoring this evening.

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