Digitakt v MPC Live: real buyers survey (UK£)

MPC ordered.

Keen to check out the DT in person, but I love the Rytm, so the only thing I’m looking for with the DT is better sample management in overbridge for the Rytm!

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Mpc live for me but probably next year.

MPC Live

I own A4 and RYTM but this time am going AKAI- reasons in order…

Battery Power
Expandability (USB 3, internal SATA etc)
7 inch touch screen!
Audio tracks (DAW like recording)
Clips Track (Ableton Live type clip launching/composition)
Free MPC 2 software (looks like it may give NI Maschine a run for its money, loads as VST etc.) and of course LIVE acts a full controller- can sell my NI Micro!
10 Gig of content seems pretty good.
XY effects seem very good and a lot of fun
Price (und3er 800 quid seem like a real barging to me)
Already full how to use videos on line (watched 2 hours on ASK Audio so fully understand all aspects already and it seems pretty intuitive and definitely very powerful)

I have done my homework, watched very video on both products, for me the LIVE wins hands down, but perhaps that’s as I already have the RYTM as a standard drum machine…


After seeing all video’s, i am so happy i cancelled Mpc and preordered Digitakt. Mpc seems complext, i dont like thinking while making music.


DT owner here =)

Please, ladies & gentlemen.


agreed, so many options and settings. watching the mpc vids really reminds me of using maschine Studio, or ableton even.
dt seems so focused its not even funny :slight_smile:

I agree the MPC is more complex, but I think that is because it can do so much more (and if you don’t want all that other stuff I agree it would be totally pointless!) - its totally different thing to Digitakt I think…one is sequencer/drum machine, one is a ‘Music Production Centre’ which is pretty close to a full DAW in functionality- you cant plug your guitar or make in to Digiakt and lay down complete audio tracks for example.It may replace ableton/Maschine for me, not RYTM/A4

I have Maschine and find it pretty simple to use, it took me a hell of a lot longer to wrap my head around the A4 and RYTM (which I love, but jez, they were a nightmare to learn/use for me until I used them with Overbridge)

DTs a Machete
Live is a Swiss Army knife

in the jungle, you need both


I don’t make jungle…


Simple as that : )

I don’t live there : )


All music gear is awesome when compared to silence… :smile_cat:
When compared to each other it might just go on and on…
Motty, what’s going on? Half time show?

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Thanks for the reminder @Open_Mike I’ll wade through the discussion and pick out any new scoring this evening.

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When the MPC was announced at the start of this year it was everything I’ve been looking and waiting for, I was hyped. As I pillaged the internet for more information and looked at terrible demo videos, I slowly became disenchanted, then they had problems with their release and went silent as they scrambled to ship late. I became suspicious. Now its out there all I see are posts on forums, in fb groups about problems/bugs and it not working. I tuned into a live stream with Ill Gates the other night because it had MPC Live in the title, his unit failed 5 mins into the stream and he said this is the second one he will have had to send back.
Then I saw the full workflow, its clunky, the touch screen seems like a pain, the interface is horrible. Far more menu diving then my a4 but without satisfying tactile buttons and knobs, constantly bashing away at a flat touchscreen (YUK), I could just get an ipad. It seems rushed, half baked, trying to do everything, cater to everyone and compromising everything in the process.

Digitakt for sure. I would have bought one if they were already out, but instead I picked up an A4 to get used to the Elektron workflow. I’m so happy and impressed and can’t wait for the Digitakt. Having something that is fast, can resample, inspires me and has such seamless connectivity with a daw or other gear is winning.
The way I see it I could create samey beats slowly on the MPC or in 1/4 of the time start venturing into really interesting and unexplored territory with the Digitakt. The mono thing doesn’t phase me at all. Overbridge means it will fit into my workflow better (Ableton Push/Novation Circuit/Analog Four atm).

Don’t get me wrong on paper the MPC Live is closer to a full DAW to Digitakts groovebox, but in use I know which one will get more music finished and create more unique sounds, and the gear I own makes up for whatever the Digitakt lacks. With the circuit/a4/digitakt/push I can have a funner, faster and more inspiring workflow with the features+ of an MPC X, using the same desk space.

Same here. The demos were clearly not helping the Live look desirable, but the price hike and the chatter about faulty units and the uninspired UI/workflow is putting me off. A Digitakt + Nord Drum 2 combo would cost the same and is starting to look more appealing :unamused:

If only Nord drum 2 was easier to find!

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R-2, D-2
C3, P-nil

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When I was younger I said he was C-creepy-O.

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talking of creepy, Theresa May is one of the creepiest scumbags out there. Ban gas fracking.
as regards Live or Digitakt: Both!