Digitakt Overbridge


All samples become mono. This is not a matter of overbridge. I actually think converting everything to mono is great for this kind of sampler.


I doubt Overbridge will bring stereo samples to the DT.

At this point I’m eager to see how the whole OB thing will pan out. I’ve yet to hear a Digitakt-only production (mine included) that doesn’t sound like a demo, or at the very best, decidedly lo to mid-fi. It is simply incapable of creating hi-fi tracks on it’s own, unless the arrangement is sparse enough that 2-bus processing is all you need.


It’s kinda annoying really.
I use a lot of stereo synths and like to pan things around the field. I suppose if they aren’t going to bring stereo capability to the digitakt, I’ll stick to using the MPC Live for most of that side of things and just use the Digitakt for designing glitched out breaks.


Loading sample can be done using the transfer app relatively easily by dragging and dropping. It will “convert” stereo files to mono by taking the left channel only. Not sure why transfer is not designed to sum the stereo though.


What I don’t get is why have stereo outs when you can only sample in mono?
The whole point of stereo outs is surely to be able to use samples that are stereo and to pan things around the field.


Something happened while I was replying hence the double post

I do not understand why elektron like to design their synths to do mono vs stereo per track cause ultimately the elektron boxes do give out a stereo signal. The dt itself is actually needs the stereo outs even though it samples in mono. The fx get applied in stereo and there is a ping pong delay which requires stereo outs to really function properly. Additionally sounds can be panned including the useful hard pan left or right and the LFO panning trick to create mock stereo.

Would I like to see stereo sampling and playback? Definitely


I think it’s truly a waste of a great function.
The ability to sample in stereo and pan correctly other samples is a basic function in most other samplers. It’s crippling the machine when there is no real need. The only thing I can think of is that it is due to trying to save storage space, which is valiant n all but allowing us to use an external hd via usb and streaming from disc would make this a non-issue.


Function/feature/price wise the more comparable box to the MPC Live would be the Octatrack, So it’s easy to compare the Digitakt and say xyz are missing compared to the MPC because the MPC live is meant to be more robust.

But more back on topic, if you haven’t utilized the transfer app at least for putting your mono sample on the DT you should try. It’s relatively easy and hassle free. Also better than just waiting on overbridge.


Stereo is double the processing too probably more crucial than memory in this case.


Summing a stereo signal to mono with a L+R operation can lead to nasty phase issues if the two channels aren’t independent. Much better to just grab one channel as a default behavior.


I’ve found the effects of the DT have a stereo aspect to them and even if your source is mono you can produce a stereo output.

Yes, it would have been great to use stereo samples unconverted, but that wasn’t done. However, I do like the audio space I can create within the limitations of the instrument using effects and the very flexible amp and trig controls.

1 more LFO per track would be wonderful…

The big thing for me - Overbridge aside - is the inability to archive the DT. I feel like I’m skating on ice at the end of winter… That basic functionality (via flash or usb) should have been a part of the package from day 1 (well, maybe day 2).

I just got an Octatrack MkII a couple of days ago (yeah, stereo!) and can really appreciate the ability to back up my data as well as treat the CF card on the Octa as a hard drive for file transfers.


Yeah, I had an Octatrack for about two weeks. It got sold, I just couldn’t gel with it. Having to keep using the manual to find out what I wanted or referring to forums. The ability to use stereo and the cf card was a massive plus though.
I don’t think I’d get another one, but time will tell, if for some reason I end up with weeks on end with spare time, then it’s a possibility. I am time limited so such a convoluted os/process isn’t any help to me especially when compared to my old Akai MPC 2000xl which I could turn on and start working on stuff instantly without referring to a manual.


Not sure if you are aware but the DT now has a half functioning sysex backup feature as of 1.05. I say half functioning cause it doesn’t back up samples.


Good to know, jefones - I’ll look into it.


I’ve been very happy with what I can do with a few flex machines. My first experiments are more sound design and mangling and so far all is good.


After reading the posts here, I´d guess OB will bring us stereo sampling and a compressor and more LFO and time streeeetching aaaand maybe it will make me a club sandwich and it will take the dog for a walk. I think Elektron is implementing a ton of new features and the delay has nothing to do with any driver problems no no. Yeah yeah it will be uuuhwesome. Big hugs Elektron, take your time. Yeah!


Just my guess and speculative 2 cents, but I think Elektron fully wanted the DT tracks to be mono as part of its signature sound and has nothing to do with being underpowered or anything. My theory anyway…
I think it was a very intentional design choice…


Digitakt isn’t stereo because they want you to buy the Octatrack also.
Simple as that


If that was the model why update the OT mk1 with conditional trigs, and not force people to buy mk2?
They were just feeling generous that day?


or maybe its mono-only operation is a temporary limitation – until a fully working backup function is in place. don’t want users filling up that space twice as fast with no way to offload & backup…