Digitakt Overbridge


My personal theories are that the DT has a little bit of dsp mojo, and mono is part of it for a more punchy sound.

-To me this suggests some kind of eq or dsp mojo, it does not say it’s clean and transparent, and goes on to say big, full, almost 3 dimensional…

-Seeing how it is mono, and they say it sounds 3-D, that to me also suggests dsp. How else would dropping your stereo sample onto the DT where it is converted to mono, sound more 3-D than it was?

I think the DT utilizes mono with some special sauce dsp/eq to give it its signature sound. The sound that has a manual section saying how big and 3-D it is…


Do you really think they would make more money by designing, building, and offering a mono sampler intended to also generate more sales from their stereo sampler, rather than just making them both stereo or only selling one?


If OT didn’t exist I am positive DT would be a stereo unit.


OK then, just checking… I’m not so sure I guess…
But also I try not to care and here I am, I shouldn’t be on this thread, carry on… :joy:


No one but Elektron can be sure, just personal opinions being thrown around here :grinning:


Pretty sure no one’s really worried, just discussing reasoning behind mono vs stereo design choice of the Digitakt.
It’s a forum, and presume discussing features is why we are here.
Pretty straight forward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed, it’s just something that some of us feel would make it a better.
For what it does, it does it very well indeed.

I would like to see the ability to connect it via usb to your DAW of choice and have each track sent as individual audio so you could mixdown without having to record on a per track basis.


Of course. Not compulsory to use stereo, but would be great to have the option to use either mono or stereo samples.
As I said earlier, the solution if you want to use stereo is to buy an OT as well :money_mouth_face:


No-one is saying you can’t get involved, no one is limiting your point of view either.

And yes, lots of great stuff has been done with mono. But as some have mentioned, including myself, it would be nice to have had the option especially when it comes to sampling your hardware polysynths, recording samples of stereo atmospheres or instruments. Yes the option is there to use the pingpong delay which sounds similar, but to myself and a few others it seems, it would have been nice to have the option and it looks to be a waste having two inputs, when it’s just mono sampling.


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stereo atmos, for example record from your DAW. doppler effect FX anybody ?
resampling Grooves within DT with use of PingPong delay ?
use the delay as a resonator/string filter, set to pingpong and the wide parameter set also, ( which is what i´m doing), resample . sounds great ! much better than in mono.
using ones old recordings with huge Fx, filter and panorama Fx modulations, for example from the modular. i´ve donne such things. Have quite some recordings where stereo vs. mono makes a huge difference.

enough reasons why it seems strange to limit these days a machine to mono rec and play.
finally: those who love mono so much could set their stereo track to mono. would be a simple option to implement.
but NO way the other way around.

fact for me: if they´d release a DT mkII next year with the only improvement of having stereo vs. mono, would i have to buy it.
And you can bet that a MKi DT would lose quite some of its value if a stereo one would hit the street.
thats how i look at this


A stereo signal is nothing more magic than two mono channels. There is NOTHING stopping you from loading the left channel of a stereo sample in track 1, and the right channel of the same sample in track 2, hard pan them to the left and right. Voila! Stereo!


this is a possibility true…in theory at least.
But: to me, one of the main features of a elektron machine is how fast one can operate the machine.
Your workaround would be the total KO for all that good for me and how i want to go with a Elektron.
to give some opposition :wink:


No OB yet… i am really disappointed.

If they don’t get that working, they should at least give us a Digitakt firmware with

  • class compliant 2 channel Audio
  • Samplemanagement as massstorage device for managing and backing up raw samples
    that would be even better than Overbridge


I don’t know if this was added when the user manual was updated last week or if it was always there, but it says this:

N.B. You must have Digitakt OS 1.10 or later, and Overbridge 1.20 or later to run Overbridge with Digitakt.

So maybe they’re expecting a few more OS updates before Overbridge is released.


It was always there @oter


still no overbridge support?


Pretty sure you’ll be notified about it :slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue. Like fishing and mucking about in boats.


maybe in time for DT’s one year anniversary


Time for an update Elektron. Last month you let us all down and say you won’t deliver on your advertised delivery date. Now complete silence with a tentative “March”. It really seems like your going to let us all down again.
Give us an honest update, an honest release expectancy. I don’t even care that much about Overbridge but false promises are still pissing me off.