Digitakt Overbridge


going by cenk’s word on the sonicstate vid, “infinity”


I can’t disagree with what you say. And maybe it would have been better for them to release the old Overbridge and let us stick with it for a while. Hard to say.


The only thing I would like them to do (which obviously they can) is to change the copy on their website, which is misleading to say the least.

Pipe dream? Regular dev updates, with issues they’ve found, progress, sneak peeks, etc., similar to what some indie video game studios have been doing for some time now.


Maybe we should just relax and tell Elektron it’s okay to end Overbridge. The Digitakt is nice enough without it and they seem very stressed out by all this pressure. I rather see them spend more time creating more amazing hardware.


I am not happy with the situation, but just imagine that they’d give a date for completion and then again don’t manage to release it. Everyone would go (even more) nuts.

Therefore, I don’t think the fact that they can’t give a date implies that it’ll take another 5 months, they just learned that a series of broken promises is hard to bear for customers and don’t want to extend this series in any case. Giving a date probably would. They just totally oversaw that finishing the last 10% of a product may take more than 50% of the time, which, for a twenty-year old company, is quite a big mistake.

Although I do look forward to DAW-integration, I don’t even want them to come up with another release date. It’s just become a bit too embarrassing. Cenk’s comment was somehow pleasing because he claimed they strive ‘very good performing’ software, while lots of peoples had already warned to keep expectations low considering the performances of Overbridge.

Maybe I’m naive, and again, they’ve done a terrible job, but to those saying they can’t finish any tracks right now because of a lack of Overbridge (yes, I’ve read that kind of stuff): maybe you just don’t want it hard enough.


Make your bed and lay in it.

No one forced this on Elektron, it was their choice.

They chose to limit the DT hardware by not putting individual outs on it, they did this most likely because of OB.
If they then turn around and don’t deliver OB at all then they have really failed their loyal customers who bought the DT on good faith that they would deliver.

I believe they will deliver, but when no one knows.


So goddamn sick of people on here saying to other users… you don’t want it enough, just track each channel, rebuild the track in your DAW from static 2 bar loops etc.

It was sold as a performance instrument, it has no song mode, we cannot record automation (global over a whole performance)… none of that would be a problem if we had OB.

I will explain:
Make 10 patterns
Jam, muting and unmuting parts on the fly, cbtr-all the patterns, doing pattern reloads, tweaking master FX, tweaking filters, envelopes. All this as a live performance.

If I had OB that performance would be recorded on 8 channels. I could clean it up, add volume fades, EQ channels, etc

I can not do that random jam performance 8 times for each channel. It’s just not doable. Really. I don’t plan these sessions, it’s a free form thing, if it doesn’t work I delete the session and try again. It’s not a reproducible performance or “set”. It’s a live jam.

Now none of this would have mattered if it was never advertised as OB compatible. I never would have bought a DT.

But because of what Elektron promised and promoted I chose the DT. I bought it BECAUSE of OB.

Just because you use your gear a certain way doesn’t mean other people are plebs or dumbasses because they don’t work the way you do


Kinda putting a lot of words in my mouth right there. Some people were just actin like Elektron is totally slowing down their careers or something. We all know that OB will make things easier, for all the reasons you’ve stated. I chose DT because of Overbridge too, but hey, it isn’t here, and as I’ve said, they’ve done a terrible job. I just hope it doesn’t completely keep your tracks from being released and maybe find a reasonable solution in the meantime. Peace out and sorry for the inconvenience.


Honestly, I wouldn’t give two fucks about OB if the standalone aspect of the box was more pronounced: the compressor is already a good step in that direction, but what we absolutely need is other types of filters and EQ per track. Then, the lack of individual outs would be less dramatic and they would be able to drop OB alltogether and refocus on other stuff.

Seriously, right now, I feel more bummed reading that there are still bugs on the DT more than one year after the release.


Cenk said, on the sonic state interview, “soon” so perhaps it will be out within 3 months.

Pertaining to the no visuals- maybe they’re going with the Digitone approach where as soon as you can see it you can download it?

I’m going to extrapolate hope from a tiniest bit of information.

It’ll be released on my birthday :heart:


if cenk had specifically mentioned they d choose to make and release the digitone with higher priority the overbridge, i d be satisfied… honesty would have been the best policy here.


Cenk mentioned in a video that they have separate teams for overbridge and hardware (aka digitone). Developing computer software requires different skills/teams compared to hardware development.


ok… did not know tht


I wish you didn’t do that. I know you mean this as a joke but it’s all fun’n’games until another mass madness breaks loose with half of the forum fixated repeating and spreading the fake news. Just look at the drama here during the Superbooth…


Hey, at that point, everybody will be sharing my same emotion of ruing the existential dread


Cenk is a more professional spokesman than many …if not most people i have seen working for BIG companys. The companys with money, you know.
He is totally professional in it to emphasize the “positive aspects” of a situation while leaving out the negative ones, up to a level that it is plain and straightg lying from a ethical standpoint, while its not from a legal one.
He is doing an awesome job for his cheffs, …but he lost ANY credibility for me as a customer.

i would not say i´m pissed. Cause i´ve learnt to adapt to the new rules of todays world economy.
Which means for me: i have the money, i can decide where it goes…
means: sent my DN back, refused to buy a OT-mkII

personally i totally would like to see the audio capabilitys of OB, but i also can totally live without it.
What i can´t live without is a reliable and easy way to backup all my data.
what we have right now is a joke…

Elektron: FAIL !

i money, i decide…/ customer politics 2018


You don’t really decide - you just think you do. Most people just follow the hype. And the hype is needed because music making tools are remarkably similar.




He still makes great Music. Like he did back then as he was still independent. But if a Company hires you and is paying your bills you have to think twice about what you say - especially when you are working in such an exposed area like Cenk does. And i think he keeps a good balance between corporate flattery and true honesty. Mainly because he really likes the Elektron Boxes - he “grew” up with them. Words are one thing - Music is the other. And in that respect he’s still Mr. @Dataline And this matters most for me! :slight_smile:


music seem not to be the focus of the people in the overbridge threads. They have their own little consumeristic agenda and a sticker on the box is good enough reason to bash the company and the incredible people working there