Digitakt Overbridge


We will start a club.


I’d say the elektron dev team are rolling around the floor in tears at that one :joy:


You’re right, when I said “all we really need…” I really meant “all I really need…”

I’m pretty sure that VSTs don’t work equally well in all DAWs though.
If they could roll out the feature set piece by piece, as they did with the compressor, that would be fine with me. Give us the streaming audio out, and keep working on the really difficult stuff with the pretty screens…


On the box it says:
“Stream the eight internal tracks, external inputs, and main bus to separate DAW tracks”.

I wonder how FX bus will be recorded. :thinking:


Hopefully just like AR, A4, and AK. They will need to introduce a “track routing” submenu under the global menu - By setting every track to “Send to FX” and disabling “Route to Main” you can isolate the effects through the main output.


it’s a good option at least: just render my Overbridge audio to pristine track-stem files please, i want to avoid any crackles due to my CPU/audio card/USB gremlins; streaming is a luxury I don’t really need unless I’m gigging with my DAW involved (which true self-aware elektronophiles would never do, would they?)


Superbooth has been open for more than two hours…


I made three predictions RE OB yesterday, figuring i could bracket reality. But i missed anyway.

So in reality it’s darker than darkness.


Overbridge Limbo would make a decent sci-fi novel name


Overbridge 2: elektron boogaloo


Missing Overbridge reminds me of The Notebook when his love interest turns out to be mentally handicapped :sob:


patience my friends


friday 14:30 pro tip


The Greek word for Amber, a fossilized tree sap, was Elektron… Maybe they’ve fossilized… :joy:


So OM – Are you say fossilized saps then? Or maybe it’s fossilized tears?

I hope it goes back to shining light.


Without kidding, now that the second deadline is passed, now that Superbooth is finished, we deserve an update on Overbridge. The fact that they ignore every single comments on facebook, instagram is understandable; but they are the expression of a deep frustration due to a lack of communication. It’s ok to mess up with deadline in software development but itsn’t to not update your clients.

So please Elektron now that May has started, can we have an update ?


Elektron Updates from Superbooth


Thanks, I am happy with his answer :slight_smile:


You’re happy with that answer?
Everyone else is showcasing stuff…exciting stuff.

Elektron have a stand so that they can apologise for the delay in overbridge with still no projection on completion. Very poor.


I meant I’m happy with Cenk’s answer, of course I’d like to have my overbridge here and now but I think he handled well the question even if he seems nervous. I just admit that they screw up. Elektron screw up on this one for sure, but now I take it as a sign of innovation.