Digitakt Overbridge


Anybody think it will be possible to get a live stream of the event?


Sonic State has a Live Blog.

ADDED: The stuff for Superbooth starts at the Weather forecast image.


Cool thanks!


Fun Fact: the Empire State Building was built in less time than Overbridge for the DT. And that was in the 1930s.


Well, how many people on the Empire State, and how many death ? :wink:


Five people died on the Empire State building. No one has died on the development of Overbridge – but reading some of the crazy posts around here (only a few), you might wonder.


Brilliant BBC doc about the Empire State Building on bbc Iplayer btw :slight_smile:


I can’t believe Zoom is back at it with another arq…

Edit: nvm? That’s from 04/11


Ryan - Don’t roll too far back on the SS Blog – The weather forecasr image is like the start for Superbooth.



Still don’t know why there’s a post about a Zoom Arq so recently, tho…


Just bring us a smiling Cenk video clip, with him saying Overbridge, and him pointing his mighty thumbs up.


Once OB comes out, which DAW will ya’ll be hooking it up to?

I’ve been using FL Studio and Renoise for years, but am pondering giving Ableton a try. Not sure I want to reinvent the wheel tho as I’m already adjusting to the Digi-Duo.


Overbridge Stand Alone!


Baebleton 10!


BitWig will be PERFECT for Overbridge. All those modulators will be very copasetic with your Elektron Boxes connected via OB


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I still think it would be a good idea to make Overbridge a mini-DAW. All we really need is to get the streaming going and record the tracks, from there we can export audio to whatever DAW of our preference. Keeping OB compatible with all of them is going to be an ongoing nightmare for Elektron. Better to bypass that completely, even if it means less functionality.
(I don’t want OB to be compatible only with Ableton or any nonsense like that.)


I’m thinking along the lines of P606 for the Roland SP606



A “mini-DAW” is much more complicated to realize than a VST and it’s the DAW-side where you get most of the platform problems.

DAW Compatibility: From a technical point of view there is simply no need to be compatible to a special DAW. OB only needs to adhere to the VST specification and it will work automatically in every VST host (need not to be a DAW) out there.

All we really need: Well, there is also the other side of OB (controlling the synth/sound programming) which is quite useful for some people, especially when a song mixes Elektron devices with VST synths. It was announced as full-integration, so reducing OB only to a multitrack recorder will not do it for everyone.


Great vision
If this is not true would you like to sart a company?